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New Puppy Gifts: Top 5 Ideas for New Puppy Parents

Written by: Jackson Jones



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A new puppy is a gift in itself. Puppies bring love, joy, laughs, companionship – and photo opps! – like nothing else in our lives. But they are called fur babies for a reason. Puppies come with a lot of needs, and it’s up to us pet parents to meet those needs. After all, shots and vet visits aside, new puppy parents are responsible for making the new addition to the family feel secure, safe, cared for, loved, and part of the pack.

Puppy treats & toys are a perfect way to acclimate your dog to a new environment and ease the transition for everyone involved. The best gifts for new dogs are not only fun, but also help a pup channel energy, learn good habits, keep curiosity in check, and feel at home, accomplished and rewarded.

So help a new puppy parent out with one – or a few – of these PAWfect new puppy gift ideas listed below and also linked at the bottom. We hope this new puppy checklist will take some of the guesswork out of how to keep the newest member of the family happy and healthy for years to come!

New Puppy Gift #1 – Healthy Dog Treats

It’s no secret that dogs are food-motivated (we should know!). A sure way to a happy puppy is through his tummy, and no list of gifts for new puppy owners would be complete without a mention of dog treats – as long as they are healthy, of course! Luckily, we at Farm to Pet make the best dog treats you can give your pup. Our delicious and nutritious Chicken Chip and Turkey Chip dog treats are lovingly batched at our family-owned and operated business in Chicago, Illinois to provide dogs of any age the protein and energy they need to grow and thrive. 

What, besides loving care, makes our treats so unique? Most importantly, they are ONE ingredient. No additives, colors, fillers, or preservatives – just 100% responsibly sourced chicken or turkey, simply processed and dehydrated to a crunchy, all-natural, tasty perfection. What more accessible and better way to reward a new puppy, make training more accessible, and help ensure proper nutrition than to gift a new puppy and her parents with Farm to Pet healthy dog treats!

Farm to Pet Chicken and Turkey Chip Healthy Puppy Treats
New Pup Dog Treat Package

New Puppy Gift #2 – Dog Bed

After woofing down some healthy treats, your puppy will need a place to call their own; a comfortable place to rest, relax and sleep. A cozy bed or cushion is a perfect new puppy gift because it gives a pup just that: the opportunity to create a makeshift den that they can nuzzle and paw into submission, where their scent is prevalent, and where they will feel safe and at ease whether sleeping, chewing or just hanging out. Be sure it’s washable – essential for puppies! – and the right size for how big puppy will grow. If puppy already has one for indoors, consider a weather-resistant option for outside for even more places for pup to feel secure and included.

Rescue Dog on Dog Bed with Farm to Pet Dog Treats
Rescue Dog's Comfy Bed

New Puppy Gift #3 – Dog Toys

Dog toys are for more than just fun and playtime. These ideal new puppy gifts also provide opportunities for both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Most dog breeds have a “purpose” – some task they are born to pursue, whether herding, retrieving or protecting. Toys can help puppies hone these skills and fulfill their instincts, and in turn burn energy and create a sense of accomplishment. Toys that can be stuffed with treats or have hidden compartments challenge their problem-solving skills, while “fetch-perfect” toys like balls and frisbees, like our own puppy-safe option made of non-toxic material, help build muscle, stamina, and reflexes – not to mention provide invaluable bonding opportunities for owner and dog alike. Plus, virtually any toy or activity helps get the puppy tired out and ready to crash on that other perfect new puppy gift we just covered, the dog bed!

Pup playing fetch with a frisbee
Frisbee Dog Toy for Puppies

New Puppy Gift #4 – Collar & Leash Set

Here is a new puppy gift where you can really showcase a pup’s personality! From Fifi the pampered Pom and Logan the beach-loving Lab to Peter the pensive Great Dane, every dog needs a durable, comfortable and safe collar and a lead for outings around town. So whatever style you choose to represent puppy’s personality, be sure to consider the size and energy level of the dog as well as the type of walking they will be doing the most to determine the ideal length, width and material of both collar and leash. This helpful guide from our friends at Mendota Pet helps narrow down a plethora of things to consider when making your selection. 

German Shepherd Puppy with new collar
German Shepherd Puppy in a New Collar

New Puppy Gift #5 – Dog Grooming Essentials

Like humans, being clean and well-groomed is critical for a dog’s overall health and well-being. So give a puppy parent one less thing to worry about with this great gift that is as useful as it is adorable: a “spaw” puppy gift basket with a brush, nail clippers, and shampoo explicitly formulated for puppies! Look for hypo-allergenic and sensitive-skin options for any product you choose to limit the potential for any skin or eye irritation. Another less DIY idea? A gift certificate to a local groomer or dog spa for a grooming session or two will really take a load off both puppy and parent. Grooming and baths can sometimes stress a pooch out, so another excellent dog gift is a chew toy or chewy treat to soothe and distract the puppy on the way to and from or during the bath. Our wild-gathered non-splintering Elk Antlers for dogs are available in varieties for the aggressive or the casual chewer make a healthy, calming choice for bath time.

Farm to Pet Whole Elk Antler chewed on by puppy
Puppy chewing on an Elk Antler

Welcoming a new puppy is a momentous occasion that deserves celebration – and oh so many photos! Our picks for best new puppy gifts have one thing in common: they are all chosen with the puppy’s health and well-being in mind. Beds and toys give them a sense of comfort and control; leads and proper grooming habits help ensure their physical health and safety; and the right treats reward and motivate in a healthy and nutritious way. The proper environment and care provided by these gifts for new puppy parents help fur babies feel accepted, safe, loved, fulfilled and bonded into their new pack, helping to put them on the road to their happiest and healthiest lives.

Browse our picks for best new puppy gifts with these helpful links – and consider shopping small to help pet-loving family businesses like ours thrive:

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Farm To Pet Chicken Chips

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