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Our Story

Rooney the Treat Tester

One pet-owner was having a dog of a time finding natural, healthy dog treats on the market that were actually dog-approved. Whenever he saw a treat that met HIS standards, his dog turned up his wet nose. It was like trying to feed vegetables to a picky toddler. Whenever he finally found a treat that met his dog’s and his standards, it was never in stock at the local pet store. His attempts to find more healthy treat alternatives came up empty. 

Naturally, he complained to a friend in passing about his struggle. That friend? Jackson, the founder of Farm to Pet. Out of curiosity, the two started researching the pet treat industry. As their interest grew, they visited a few large-scale pet treat manufacturing operations. What they saw was unacceptable. The big companies rarely knew what was actually in their treats and knew even less about what went on in the factory farms where they got their ingredients. The deeper they went, the less anybody knew OR cared.

Jackson knew it was time for a change, to provide a quality dog treat for owners who care about their dogs’ health, the environment, and their community. During the pandemic, he tracked down some farm-raised chickens and the right equipment. He employed the farming and manufacturing skills he developed growing up next to his grandparents’ farm in Western Illinois. 

Once he started experimenting, he enlisted the family dog Rooney to act as the official taste tester. Rooney took her role VERY seriously and tasted as many treats as possible to ensure they were perfect, while Jackson’s son Drake and his wife Lauren became the dutiful product packers.

That’s how the first batch of Farm to Pet “Chicken Chips” came to be. Jackson had created the perfect dog treat entirely in his basement! Sourced with only top-quality chickens, and we mean ONLY. The one-ingredient treats were a hit; Rooney quickly agreed that Farm to Pet had succeeded at his task. 

Our process hasn’t changed much since that first batch—always single ingredient, always responsibly sourced, and always top quality. Don’t settle for anything less than perfect for your pet. This is our simple promise.