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Word on the Treats

Top Five Summer Activities for You & Your Pup
The dog days of summer are coming to a close, but it is never too late to enjoy some fun in the sun with your pup! 
College Athletics' Biggest Stars 
We’d like to feature the unsung heroes of “live” dog mascots in American higher education.
Quality Ingredients- What are They and Why are They Important in Dog Treats?

Dogs deserve to eat as cleanly as humans.

Healthier FURiends this Summer!
As humans, we need to take good care of our health and wellness especially in seasons like summer. It is the same story for our dogs.
Meet Our FURiends: Marli, Soot, and Julie
Enjoy this amazing, heroic story of Julie and her pups, Soot and Marli. Serving with a Service Dog.
Meet Our FURiends: Odyssey Pets
We are excited to share that our furiend, Sherry Redwine---Owner of Odyssey Pets in Dallas, TX has written an amazing blog for you this week. Check out A Digest on Digestion!
FURiendly 4th Festivities
Dog safety on the 4th of July is something not every pet owner thinks about, especially if you have a new pup.
Meet Our FURiends: Mojo Dog Co.
Experience Your Dog at Mojo Dog Co!
8 Dangerous Foods For Your Dog
Meet guest blog writer, Adam Hossain. Learn about some dangerous common household foods for dogs.
Meet Our FURiends: Bosly's Backyard
Bosly’s Backyard is a private play space for dogs and their owners to help with dogs’ socialization.
Meet Our FURiends: Maisey and Sarah
Our pups depend on us to make sure they live happy and healthy lives.
Sharing Human Food with Dogs - Safe or Unsafe?
Here is a guide to common table foods for your pup.
Dog-Friendly Markets
It was a pup-filled, beer-drinking, sun-shining day with many of our local small businesses.
Frenemies! - Training Two Doggos
The only thing better than one pup is two pups, right?
Puppy Training 101
Here are five tips I wish I would’ve known to help make the training process less overwhelming.
Meet Our FURiends: Henry and Karley
Summer is coming, and what does that mean? Road trip season! If you are like me, bringing your pets on road trips with you is an absolute must!
Meet Our FURiend: Sulley Bear
Meet Bruce and Maggie's two K9s -- Sulley Bear and Beasley. Read about their story!
Hoppy Easter Pups!
Now is the perfect time to plan out an Easter basket for your beloved pup.
Meet Our FURiends: Sydney and Mattis
So you got a new puppy?! Meet Sydney, Mattis, and Keela!
Meet Our FURiends: Maple and Tiffany
Hi Everypawdy! My name is Tiffany and this is my 1-year old, English Cream Golden Retriever, Maple!
Meet Our FURiends: Reprise Coffee Roasters
Our friends Adam and Kati over at Reprise Roasters like to feed Farm to Pet treats to their Mexican Red Headed Amazon parrot named Lola Puff.