A witty and entertaining, yet informative blog about our crazy obsession with treats for your puppers.

Word on the Treats

Famous Athletes and their Dogs
In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some famous athletes and their beloved dogs.
Elk Antlers: The Perfect Chew for Your Dog's Health and Happiness
Elk antlers have become a popular chew for dogs due to their many health benefits.
For the Luck of the Pup
Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter the shape or size, a dog can be more than just a man’s best friend; a dog can be a hero.
The Top 10 Dogs for Families
To help determine which dogs is best suitable for your particular family we referenced PetMD.
What's the Right Age to Start Training Your Puppy?
If you are a new dog owner, you might not know when your puppy's brain has developed enough to start comprehending basic training. 
Love Stories
We were blessed to have some of our ambassadors share stories about the first time they fell in love with their dog.
Puppy Love
While our love for our furry friends may be obvious, lots of people have questioned whether dogs can truly “love” us back. Here are 10 ways dogs show love.
14 Ways to Love Your Pup
Love can be shown in many different ways especially for our canine family members. Check out our 14 examples of Puppy Love!
Join Us January
Throughout the month, we are featuring different ways to give back. Please join us as we look to make a difference in our communities this January!
How To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking
Is your dog barking a lot and causing disruption? Want to know how you can get your dog to minimize barking? Read this post to learn some effective methods.
Consider Adopting Your Next Dog
Our short list of great reasons to consider adopting your next pet rather than purchasing from a breeder or retailer.
Meet Our FURiend: Soot -- The Hero
Farm to Pet is so pleased to feature a blog this week about one of our ambassador's Mom, Julia, and fur sibling, Soot. Enjoy this heroic story of Soot saving a life.
Dog Tips for the Holidays
This time of year is always so busy for humans, but we can’t forget about our furry friends! We have compiled some tips to get through this year’s festivities smoothly with your pet.
Doggie Decor for the Holidays
Christmas is just around the corner! We've come up with some ideas for new and improved doggie decor for around your humble abode.
Meet Our Pack: Miranda
We are introducing a new blog series: Meet Our Pack! We will be featuring one of Farm to Pet's own employees once a month.
The PAWfect Presents
Happy Howlidays FURiends! We have compiled a PAWsome list of gift ideas for you and your pupper this holiday season.
New Farm to Pet Products: The 411
Toppers, Snack Packs, and Antlers...OH MY! Sharing with your all of the information about our new products for easy access. Be sure to check out the 411 of each product for a little behind-the-scenes.
Brooks' Holiday Travel Favorites
The holidays are right around the corner, as next week is Thanksgiving! We know holiday travel can be brutal, but our FURiends have shared some must-haves during these stressful times.
Thanksgiving Food for Dogs
Our guide for what Thanksgiving foods dogs can and can’t eat so that you can avoid a trip to the vet this holiday.
FAQ's with FTP
Farm to Pet has been operating for a year and a half and we thought it was time to share with you some common questions and inquiries we get about our small company.
Dog First Aid and Safety
Let's take some time to discuss basic first aid, CPR, and safety for our dogs.