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Farm to Pet Healthy Treats for Dogs

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Single Ingredient Dog Treats

We craft our pet treats with only the highest quality ingredients so you can always trust what is in the bag. We NEVER add unhealthy by-products, binders, fillers, additives or preservatives.

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Farm Fresh Dog Treats

Call us old-fashioned, but we don't believe the best ingredients are made in a laboratory. Mother Nature provides all the nourishment our pets need to thrive. That is why Farm to Pet's ingredients are always USA sourced and farm-fresh.

Batch Made, Healthy Treats

Farm to Pet meticulously produces 100% of our locally sourced protein treats in our own facility. We carefully prepare, dehydrate, and inspect each batch to create dog treats that will leave your pup begging for more!

All Natural Healthy Dog Treats

Our nutritious dog treats are loaded with essential nutrients and rich in flavor. If your furry friend prefers treats free from chemicals and artificial additives, they will LOVE the authentic taste of Farm to Pet products. Crafted to maintain the inherent benefits of our ingredients, our production methods guarantee a significantly higher absorption rate compared to our rivals. This results in a wholesome and delectable snack that your pet will adore.


Training is a walk in the park when you’re using Farm to Pet treats! Our chips break apart easily so you can use smaller snack bites for training. Unlike other treats, they won’t crumble when you break them up or take a century for your dog to chew. Plus, they’re rich in the high-quality protein your pup craves, full of nutrients, and low in empty calories. Farm to Pet makes the best dog training treats which are great for all ages, whether you’re teaching the new puppy to sit or teaching the old dog a new trick!


Not only do vets approve of how healthy Farm to Pet treats are, but they also purchase them! Our single-ingredient dog treats are rich in protein but low in fat, providing a responsible snack for sharing. Our Beef, Chicken & Turkey Chips and Dog Food Toppers are an excellent for diabetic dogs or pups on a diet. Trust the experts - some of our most loyal customers are veterinarians!


Our single-ingredient dog treats and Toppers don’t include chemicals that you don’t know how to pronounce, making them much easier on your dog’s belly than the typical artificial treat. Our Turkey Chips and Toppers are a top recommendation for dog's with sensitive stomachs. If you’ve noticed that your current treats make your dog’s tummy act up, Farm to Pet has the answer!

Dog Chews, Toppers & More

In addition to our best selling Chicken Dog Treats, Beef treats and Turkey Chips, Farm to Pet also offers a diverse collection of Organic Dog Chews and healthy Dog Food Toppers. Our all-natural antler chews are wild gathered and offer hours of entertainment for your pup while our Pet Food Toppers can add a healthy component to mealtime. Try some today!

100% Chicken

Never any Additives, Fillers or Preservatives