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Introducing a new blog series: Meet Our Pack! We will be featuring one of Farm to Pet's own employees once a month. We wanted to start this series with our CEO, Jackson, but to say he is hard at work is an understatement. He is literally in the Chicago facility (as I am typing this) packing hundreds of Holiday Chicken Chip Bags to be shipped out tomorrow. To say he does it all, is not just to make us sound good, it is the truth. Any small business owners or employees out there reading this (amazing) blog know what I'm talking about. 
We love being a small business and connecting to our customers, pups, and FURiends on a different level than our competitors. Once you purchase our products, we consider you part of Our Pack. So, we thought it was about time you learned more about each of the people behind the Chips! 
Farm to Pet
Meet Miranda, Director of Marketing and Business Development. Miranda started working for Farm to Pet in June of 2021, and she also happens to be the cousin-in-law to Jackson. Jackson approached Miranda in need of help with answering Instagram messages, DM's, and comments. As a SAHM of 3, it sounded like the perfect opportunity to make a few bucks and help this starter company out. A short 1.5 years later, Miranda has assisted in growing the company to having five additional employees, 8,000+ followers on Instagram, and collaborating with other small businesses, shelters/rescues, and influencers/ambassadors with giveaways and donations each month.
Farm to Pet
Miranda works closely with the fabulous staff members with trainings, weekly meetings, and troubleshooting. She has helped grow the wholesale side of our business to over 75 stores throughout the US selling Chicken and Turkey Chips. Working directly with our CEO and graphic designers, she has assisted in product, swag, and website design. This PAWfectly curated blog is like one of her children. She loves it, but it can be difficult at times (Just kidding, boss!). Check out all of the Word on the Treats blogs over the last year! 
Farm to Pet Chicago Bag
Have you checked out our social media yet? We continue to expand our audiences on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Miranda works directly with our intern to ensure that daily posts, reels, videos, and stories are something our followers are interested in. We have started monthly themes, Dogs of the Week, Retailers of the Month, Tongue Out Tuesdays, and Monthly giveaways. Lastly, she worked directly with Cassidy to create our ambassador program. We are proud to say we are starting our 4th term in the new year and have amazing puppers and hoomans that love our products and small business. They help us spread the Chip Love!
Farm to Pet Poultry Pack
We would be remiss if we didn't touch on all of the collaborations, donations, and events Miranda has spearheaded. We strive to learn and grow in all of these areas of our business, so please feel free to reach out to with any ideas, questions, or suggestions.
Farm to Pet Staff
She lives in Macomb, IL with her husband, Michael, and their three children (the kidfluencers). Miranda volunteers in the school library and classrooms every week, volunteers on the local golf course's social committee, and continues to keep the SAHM career. In her spare time, she enjoys attending sporting events, visiting her family's farm, and spending time with friends. 
Treat you Fabulous Furiends next week!

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