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The holidays are right around the corner, as next week is Thanksgiving! We know holiday travel can be brutal, but our FURiends have shared some must-haves during these stressful times. We are so thankful that Brooks and Cassidy have joined our team and provided us with their travel favorites for every pup and dogmom! Enjoy!
Happy Holidays everyone! I don’t know about you, but the holidays consist of a lot of travel for our family. We travel back to Michigan to visit family and friends for both Thanksgiving and Christmas – I’m already tired thinking about it. We spend lots of time in the car as we typically split time between two different families that live 3 hours apart. Not to mention, our trip from Chicago back to Michigan is a 4-hour drive alone. We have quite a few products that have become “travel staples” but I thought I would highlight 5 of our favorites. 
Car Seat - this is the best investment we ever made when getting Brooks and is the product that we get the most questions on from our followers. He rides in this bucket seat every time he is in the car with us, and he absolutely loves it. The seat straps into the car via the seat belt and then Brooks straps into the seat which connects to his harness. He sleeps like a baby in this thing, and we could not recommend it more!
Foldable Crate - We took many trips where we packed our bulky wire crate and phew … it was a HASSLE. Having to fold up the crate and then carry it out to the car (it is 20 lbs.) was the opposite of travel friendly. We then switched to a more compact plastic crate but even then, it took up lots of space and did not have a handle to carry it. We finally landed on this pop-up crate, and it is a dream! It packs up nicely into a carrying case that can be carried over your shoulder, pops up in seconds, and only weighs about 5 lbs. We love it and can’t believe how we took so many trips without it. 
Travel Water Bottle - this water bottle is one of the best gifts we’ve ever received! It comes everywhere with us – walks, car rides, hikes, etc. It is mess free and any water that isn’t utilized can go back into the bottle for later. No more messy water bowls in the car!
Collapsible Food & Water Bowls - We keep these foldable food & water bowls in the seat back pocket of our car and use them any time we take a trip with Brooks. They collapse completely flat and are super easy to clean. 
Wipes - you simply never know when you may need emergency wipes to clean up an accident or mess! These wipes also stay in our seat back pocket just in case and boy have they come in handy.
Healthy, High Value Treats - as travel is sometimes stressful on animals as much as humans, we always keep our favorite Chicken and Turkey Chips on hand. We are excited to try Farm to Pet's knew Elk Antler Chew especially for longer road trips to help with boredom. 
Treat you Traveling Turkeys next week!

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