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Christmas is just around the corner! And with that, we are sure everyone has been decking their halls with boughs of holly. We've come up with some ideas for new and improved doggie decor for around your humble abode. Take notes for next year or make your list for a quick store run and some DIY's this weekend, your pups will thank you!
Let's start decking your house with dog-themed decorations to set the mood. I personally handpicked some ideas from canine campus and put a little spin on each DIY idea. 

First on the list is a DIY Dog Advent Calendar, the days leading up to Christmas are exciting and busy. When you are counting down to Christmas, it surely is fun. What makes it special is your doggo will be part of the fun. You can have it dog-themed simply removing the chocolate out of a regular advent calendar and replacing it with dog treats. We highly recommend Chicken or Turkey Chips. We also know that our Chips will easily fit 1-2 in a square shaped jewelry box. These boxes tend to be white and easy to decorate with markers or cheap crafting supplies. An advent calendar could be made for the 12 days of Chipmas or all 24 countdown days in the month of December. 
Second on our list is a "Dog Themed Christmas Tree." One of the symbols of Christmas is, of course, the Christmas tree. If you add a picture each year of your pupper, the tree will serve like a "memory tree" for you and your doggo. Your pup's favorite toys, items, or memorabilia from places traveled would be great additions as well. 
Dog Tree Stand
Next up, Dog Themed Tree Stands -- who knew? 
This looks like it is a DIY project, but isn’t it adorable? Plus, it’s a nice way to keep your tree up and away from your dog, cat, or children while allowing them to be right in the middle of the fray. This is such a favorite because the dogs will be in the center and it is also Instagrammable, right? 
Dog Ornaments
Our last doggie holiday idea is a Christmas Tree Ornament, there are many dog tree ornaments out on the market. Trendy Tree, Christmas Central, and Old World Christmas offer a wide selection of the cutest ornaments. Our personal favorite is to personalize your tree adornments with these gorgeous dog-themed Christmas tree ornaments. These make great gifts for loved ones or stocking stuffers for your pup. Another FUR-favorite this season for stockings are Farm to Pet's new Snack Packs in Turkey and Chicken. 

This year let's just enjoy Christmas with our family and with our furry four-legged family members as well. From our Farm to Pet family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, furiends! 

Treat you next week Holiday Hounds.

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