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Top 10 Reviews from our PAWesome Customers

Reviews play a vital role in the success of small businesses. Positive reviews build trust among potential customers, serving as endorsements from real people who have experienced our products or services. Here is a list of some of the PAWESOME reviews we've received over the past few years.


My pup was immediately obsessed with the chicken chips! They are so light (great for travel/outings) and easy to break apart. I love that they are healthy and contain a single ingredient. We do a lot of training and go through a lot of treats, so making sure his treats are healthy is very important.
~Shayna G.

The pups went nuts for the taste and crunch! I liked how they are just chicken! I used to have a diabetic dog. Because of his dietary restrictions, he couldn’t eat most of the treats out there. These would have been perfect for him!
~Linda L.
Healthy single ingredient treats that dogs and cats love! Plus it’s super cute hearing them crunch the chips. Will definitely keep these stocked up.
~Jessica D.

My puppy goes nuts for these!! I use them for training and have his undivided attention! Love that there’s no additives. We will be a repeat customer 🐶💙
~Dina B.

Best Treatos Ever!!!
Seriously this is the best gift card anyone can buy, you cannot go wrong with these treats. Even the pickiest of dogs love them. My dog goes NUTS for them!!!! Great Xmas gift card idea for an exchange amongst pet owners
~Savana Daly

My girl loves them!
I love the fact that these are single-ingredient treats. Usually my girl will sniff around before eating something new. She did not hesitate with these! I will definitely be purchasing more!
~Maggie Mae

Farm To Pet Rocks!
The best treats to buy your dogs, filled with all the good stuff & nothing bad! I’ll never buy other treats for my pups because they never get sick of these! They go nuts for the farm to pet!
~Jennie Ritter

He loves these healthy chips
Farm To Pet is amazing. We love their team and how fast they get our orders out to us. Paxton absolutely loves their one ingredient chips. Let’s talk about their food topper. It's 💯 amazing. We add it to his dinner and his morning eggs.
~Kelley Potter

All 3 of our dogs LOVE these treats. And NO stomach aches. These treats are all wholesome ingredients, being only a single ingredient. How could you go wrong. We love this brand.
~ Kylee S

He devour the chip, even when I break the chip into quarter chip. I also top his kibble with chips breaking them into pieces. He wont eat kibble without this. I ordered 4 bags. Very happy and satisfied with your chips. Thanks for making these chips.
~ Sushma N.

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Top 10 States that Purchase Farm to Pet Treats

As a small business that started in the basement of our owner's home during the pandemic, we appreciate each and every one of our customers. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. With that, we want to highlight our ten states that purchase from our website most frequently. We love you and couldn't be more happy you're here! To the Top 10 -- GREAT WORK!
1. Our Number ONE state to purchase Farm to Pet is California From surfing pups to Hollywood hounds, California dogs know that Farm to Pet treats are the real stars of the show.
2. Our OFFICIAL HOME -- Illinois comes in at a close second.  Windy City canines in Illinois are barking up a tasty storm with Farm to Pet treats that are even more irresistible than deep-dish pizza and Chicago hot dogs.
3. Florida's sunshine-loving pups are trading sandcastles for PAWSitively delicious Farm to Pet treats on their sunny beach days. Congrats on being in our Top 3 of treat lovers!
4. New York, New York!!  Big city dogs (& little city ones too!) in New York are taking a bite out of the Big Apple and Farm to Pet treats, proving they have a taste for the finer things.
5. Yeehaw, Texas dogs! They're trading cowboy boots for paw boots and enjoying Farm to Pet treats that are as big and bold as the Lone Star State. Our BIG 12oz bag should be the official state dog treat!
6.  Whether on the boardwalk or the backyard, New Jersey's dogs are treating themselves to Farm to Pet treats that are Garden State-approved. We love and appreciate that this tiny state packs a big punch when supporting our small business.
7. We believe (has yet to be determined) that the Farm to Pet Americana bag is Pennsylvania's favorite custom dog treat! Pennsylvania's pup-patriots are declaring their love for Farm to Pet treats, proving that even the Liberty Bell can't compete with their irresistible flavor.
8.  Michigan mutts are touring the Great Lakes with great taste with Farm to Pet treats that are giving their adventures a delicious twist. We're so glad to be along for the ride Michiganders. 
9. Days full of beach swimming or hiking deserve the best treats for your dog. From the mountains to the coast, North Carolina's pups are sniffing out all of our treats that are as sweet as southern hospitality.
10. Georgia dogs are swapping peaches for paws and enjoying single ingredient Farm to Pet treats, chews, and toppers that are as peachy keen as a sunny day in the South.

    Top 10 Farm to Pet Products

    1. 12oz Chicken Chips -- Our Super-sized bag of the original.
    2. 4oz Chicken Chips -- The OG that started the whole business. 
    3. Poultry Packs -- 4oz Chicken and 4oz Turkey in one purchase. Our two best products; what more could you ask for? 
    4. 12oz Turkey Chips -- These launched last year and have rapidly become a fan favorite. 
    5. 4oz Turkey Chips -- The Chip that was most requested by customers. It's sensitive for pups' tummies, but just as tasty and crunchy as the Chicken.
    6. Poultry Snack Packs -- Launched last December, perfect for dogs on traveling, parks, and hiking. These were made for you to share with your FURiends, so stay tuned VERY soon for more fun designs! (SHHH)
    7. Whole Elk Antlers -- For your puppies that love to chew and sourced from local US elk farms. (Split Elk Antlers pictured below.)
    8. Chicken Snack Packs -- These are mini versions of the bigger bags. Compact but still packed with great flavor and crunch. 
    9. Split Elk Antler -- Split Antlers make it easier for the pups to get to the good stuff, the marrow of the bone. 
    10. Turkey Snack Packs -- Rounding out our top 10 products purchased since our inception are these yummy, turkey snacks. 

    Treat you Top Dogs next week!


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