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Owning a dog is a responsibility, privilege, and a wonderful joy. They bring their owners great happiness and adventure. If you are considering bringing a dog into your life, think seriously about the commitment that being a dog owner means for you and your new dog.
Dog Owner feeding Farm to Pet Chicken Chips to two white dogs outside

1. When deciding that a dog is right for you, be aware of the time and financial commitment it takes. Of course, the companionship and bond between dog and human is priceless. Knowing ahead of time that owning a dog is a big investment. Make sure you research what type of breed is best for your home.

Dog Owner feeding a Chicken Chip to their Black Dog
2. Training should begin immediately so that your new pup knows what is allowed, what isn’t allowed, where their food and water dishes should be located, where they’ll go to the bathroom, what areas of the house are off limits, what are the best pup toys and what is an absolute no. It’s important that your dog quickly understands what behaviors earn them rewards (Snack Packs) and positive attention.
Dog Treats with Dog playing soccer
3. Frequent home grooming sessions are a good way to check in with your dog. Bathing your pup every 4 to 6 weeks, cleaning ears, clipping nails, combing and trimming fur, and brushing teeth help your pup feel good and keep you tuned in to what’s going on with them. This also gives your pup a sense of loving and nurturing that a man's best friend needs.
Farm to Pet Chicago Chicken Chips being held up by a dog owner with a toy and dog
4. Feeding your pet, the proper nutritional food and treats - Single Ingredient Treats being top of the list. Always remember to have clean, fresh water to drink. Depending on your dog's age, dogs need one gram of protein per pound their ideal weight is based on One ingredient protein treats can help you regulate and maintain that amount.
Farm dog waiting to eat Farm to Pet single ingredient dog treats
5. Shower your dog with love and affection. Dogs provide their humans with love, affection, and companionship, so why not return the favor? If you really want to be a good dog owner, make sure that you show your dog with lots of love and affection. Pet and praise your pup often, and do nice things for him/her so that he/she knows that you care.
Dog in car with Dog Treat
6. Yes, dogs can sense kindness too! If a dog seems relaxed and at peace, it's because they feel safe with you. When you act calm and confident, a dog will know you are a kind, good, safe person. Remember to keep them safe while in the car, on walks, at a new location, and around new people/children. Enjoy your new adventure as a good dog owner.
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