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This time of year is always so busy for humans, but we can’t forget about our furry friends! Dogs will usually need some special attention in order to make the holidays safe and less stressful for them. Here are our tips to get through this year’s festivities smoothly:

Plan ahead if traveling
Whether you are traveling just on Christmas day or planning on being gone the whole week, making preparations for your pets is a must. If bringing them with is feasible, we highly suggest letting them tag along! What’s better than enjoying your outings with your dog by your side? In this case, always check with the host to see their rules about dogs and whether or not other animals will be present. If bringing your dog isn’t realistic, other prep can be done such as making arrangements for your dog to stay with a trusted friend or researching a nice doggy hotel

Watch what you/your guests feed your pets
We know that it’s so hard not to share your yummy meals with your dog, especially if those puppy dog eyes are staring at you. However, many foods eaten during the holidays can be harmful for dogs so it is super important that you only feed them food that is safe. For more info on what you can/can’t give them, we recommend this guide
Put someone on dog duty
It is easy to assume someone else will be watching the pets during holidays, but if each person assumes this, who will actually keep an eye on them? To avoid this, we recommend designating someone or multiple people to check on the dogs during gatherings in order to ensure that they are not overwhelmed or getting into something they shouldn't be. 

Stick to your routines as much as possible
The business of the holiday season can easily disrupt routines, but it is important to keep your routine with your dog as normal as possible. If traveling with your dog, this can be difficult, but bringing their usual food, toys, and treats can help. 
Dog-proof decorations
Holiday decorations such as tinsel and tree ornaments might look like toys to dogs, but it can be dangerous if they are chewed on or swallowed. Make sure to keep any dangerous decor out of reach. There can also be additional hazards such as trailing cords, candles, and presents under the tree which should be taken into consideration if you have a dog. You can find specific tips for dog-proofing your Christmas tree here.

Don’t forget about them!
We know- how could you forget about your beloved dog? Realistically, though, the holidays bring chaos for many households, and that can sometimes lead to the dogs being overlooked. From meal prep to planning trips to welcoming guests, it is easy to forget to give your dog their much-needed love. We suggest keeping their favorite bag of treats out in order to remind yourself to give them a little something here and there. 
Happy Howlidays everypup and human! 

Treat you Holly Jolly Hounds next week!


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