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As we enter the last of the dog days of summer, your pups still have time to enjoy many water activities. We've included some of the aquatic sports we believe will cheer both of you up even when it's blazing hot outside.

According to an article on, here is a list of canine favorites.

If you are lucky enough to have backyard pool, you can play in your pool at the comfort of your own home. (And not deal with beach sand in your paws or cars!) A gentle reminder that not all dogs are natural born swimmers, so you need to take precautions when your pup is first getting accustomed to the water. Our advice is to guide them and make them feel comfortable in the pool. Teaching them to wait for a command that "approves" them to enter the water would also be a key aspect when owning a pool and pup.

You can purchase them at your local store or Amazon and your dogs will enjoy keeping active and cool at the same time. Reminder that inflatable pools would not be the best option due to their nails and young teething puppies. 

If you are really busy and have hectic schedules, you can try this at home and spend hours with your dogs. The Daily Paws breaks down the top 5 best dog sprinklers! As a stay-at-home-mom, sprinklers are an essential part of our summer schedule.

Who doesn't enjoy a good beach day? Check out which beaches are dog-friendly before your adventure! Farm to Pet's frisbee would be a great addition to your day at the beach! Best practice for beach goers is to remember to always clean up after yourself and your pup. 

Over the river and through the woods, to the outdoors we go! If you're like most of us Midwesterners, you don't live next to an ocean. Rivers and lakes provide a great alternative. Stay safe and don't forget to pack your favorite treats!

Splish Splash, there are a lot of water sports that you and your pup can do. Which would you try with your canine furiend? Paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, dog diving, surfing and more. These fun water sports would be a good way to burn some calories for you and the pupper. We all love our dogs so what's most important is that they enjoy it.
Treat you Water Babies next week!

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