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Fall in Love with Farm to Pet this Autumn. It's about time we remind all of our FURiends about what we are, what's in our treatos, and why we make these delicious snacks for you AND your pupper. We only have the BEST ingredients. Our chickens and turkeys are humanely raised, free range, and always responsibly sourced. The secret to making the best dog treat is simple yet difficult for most to achieve. We created Farm to Pet to ensure you will never need to settle for less than the best for your dog.
It's all in the numbers! We guarantee our treats are 100% human-grade chicken and turkey breast meat. Our treats contain ZERO additives, ZERO preservatives, ZERO binders, and ZERO fillers. Our treats are ethically sourced, simply processed and provide superior nutrition to keep your dog healthy and happy.
Farm to Pet believes your pets should eat as well as you do!
Isn't everyone interested in what Google has to say? That's exactly what I did in research for this blog. 
Google....why are single ingredient treats recommended for dogs? Pet Reviews gave me the below information that aligns with what our CEO and Owner, Jackson, agrees with and the reason for creating our treats. 
"How to choose the best limited ingredient dog treats?
Look for natural, wholesome ingredients to give your dog the best nutrition, purest energy and the perfect balance between protein, carbohydrates, and essential fats. If you’re wanting a happier and healthier dog, then natural, limited ingredient dog treats are the way forward."
Similarly, the East Meadow Vet Clinic explains what they have been seeing from dog owners and dog foods in more recent years. 
"Over the past few years, many dog owners have started to pay more attention to the ingredients in most dog foods. As more and more dog owners realized that foods containing cheap fillers, like wheat, soy and corn, can cause allergies in dogs, dog food companies started to change their recipes. While this has led to an influx of healthier food options for dogs, it hasn’t led to healthier treats, at least not in the way that it has for dog food. Many of the most popular dog treats are still made with fillers and are unhealthy for our four-legged friends."
Did you know that dogs aren't the only ones that are in love with Farm to Pet
Check us out on all social medias @farmtopet to see pups, cats, birds, and hoomans that have enjoyed our healthy, single ingredient, human grade treats. Don't forget to share, we love seeing your pictures, reviews, and comments. 
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