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Addison Hitt
Addison Hitt is a very sweet dog from Evanston, IL.  Her best FURiend, Sophia, recommended the treats after discovering them in her local coffee shop.
Currently, Addison is undergoing treatment for a mast cell tumor and is taking numerous medications. When Addison first became sick, she struggled to eat any of her food or take her necessary medications. But Addison's hooman, Stephanie, found that placing her medicine on top of the Chicken Chips worked!!  Addison would chomp down the chips along with the medicine!  This recipe enabled Addison to get the necessary treatments which literally saved her life! They are her little doggie hors d'oeuvres.  
If your pupper is having a hard time taking their medications, we have Addison’s top secret recipe. The chips are perfect for coating with a little peanut butter, cream cheese, or similar topping and sticking on the meds.  
In addition to eating them with her meds, she loves them as snacks and treats. “Knowing she has to have a good clean diet, they are PERFECT!” said Stephanie.
The chips are a shareable treat among lifelong FURiends!
Addison and Sophia pups   
Sophia and Addison playing in the snow as pups in 2010.
Addison and Sophia dogs
 Addison and Sophia relaxing on the beach as older dogs in 2021. 
Thank you to Beth Marks for sharing our Chicken Chips with Stephanie Hitt and her pup, Addison. You are truly a life saver!  Also, a HUGE thank you to Stephanie and Addison for sharing your Miracle on Chicken Chip Street story.  


Matt Panush said:

Great story and great DOD treats! For the past six months, our chocolate lab Roxy has enjoyed her special Chix Chip treats. Have them on auto-ship now so we don’t run out

Beth said:

Thank you for sharing Addison’s story! Sophie and I are thrilled that she is doing so well. Also, thank you to Reprise Coffee shop on Main Street for selling the chips too! The “Word on the Treat” is true. Addison and Sophie love the Turkey and Chicken Chips… as does Sophie’s kitty brother, Noah! Thank you for your treats!

Jackson said:

Such a wonderful story! It is great to see the dog friendship and to hear that the Farm to Pet treats are making a difference by helping Addison take her medicine. Thank you for sharing Stephanie!

Stephanie said:

please forgive the typo in my previous comment!! I meant great NEW company and product!!!! my thumbs are too clumsy!

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