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A wild idea and a pretty decent drawing all started in 2018.
Here is how it all began:

Co-Owner David has a passion for dogs and was tired of searching for natural and healthy treats that his beautiful Samoyed also loved.  When he finally found a dog treat that met his expectations, his local pet store was always out of stock.  He approached the store, the manufacturer and looked for alternatives.  All searches came up empty.

In passing, he mentioned this struggle to his friend Jackson, and primarily out of curiosity, they started researching the pet treat industry.  The initial research was intriguing, so they decided to visit a few large pet treat manufacturing operations.  Their visits were troubling on many fronts…

David and Jackson had no interest in mass-producing low-quality treats loaded with additives and preservatives.  If they were to proceed, there would only be one option - they would need to make their own treats! With that, the business started (in Jackson’s basement nonetheless).

Jackson also has a passion for manufacturing, farming and pets.  With David’s idea and his engineering, they produced the first “Chicken Chips”.  Sourced with only top quality chickens, they quickly realized they had produced the perfect, single ingredient treat.

Just like our product, our story is pretty simple.  We believe in high quality and simple ingredients because your pet deserves the best. 
This is our simple promise. 
Farm to Pet.

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