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 This Chipmas we feel extremely blessed to have you be a part of our FUR-family!
We’d love to share some of our top 5’s for this holiday season with your doggos.
Allison Christmas Dog
Top 5 Christmas Day Pup Safety Tips
  1. Christmas bows and wrapping aren’t for consumption.
  2. Always gift canines new chew toys to deter them from toys and shoes Santa left under the tree.
  3. Never leave home without a stylish leash or bandana when taking dogs for a walk.
  4. After all of these extra Holiday LBs, get your pup back on a health kick with our single ingredient treats
  5. Kissing under the mistletoe is everyone’s Christmas wish.
    WARNING: mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are all toxic to dogs. 
 Christmas Child and Dog

Top 5 Doggie Chipmas Ideas for Entertainment

1. Take your pup for a walk and don’t forget your poop bags. We love these from the poop bag lady!
2. Tug of war with an Illinois made tug rope.
3. Play fetch with the best frisbee in the world! (in our opinion)
4. Put Chicken Chip dog treats into a dog toy that has the pups work to get the treats out.
5. Let the kiddos play with the doggos while the adultos enjoy drinkos! Cheers!

 Farm to Pet Holiday Chicken Chips

 Top 5 Holiday Party Pup Treats

1. Chicken Chips, duh! Your dog is already drooling! 
2. Bacon Biscuits (you can never have enough bacon). 
3. Single Ingredient Raw Treats. The name speaks for themselves.
4. Literally everything from WTDL! 
5. Turkey Chips! (IYKYK) 

From our puppy palace to your dog house, we wish you a Very Merry Christmas! 

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