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We hope this week finds all of you furry furiends happy and healthy!
We are excited to share that our furiend, Sherry Redwine---Owner of Odyssey Pets in Dallas, TX has written an amazing blog for you this week. Odyssey Pets proudly serves the North Dallas community by providing the highest quality pet supplies plus dog grooming, boarding, and daycare since 2006. We hope our Dallas readers and pups get a chance to pop in and say hello or make a Farm to Pet connection! Odyssey Pets is such an awesome company and retailer to find our treats in and they were named Pet Product News Retailer of the Year winner 2020-2021. Enjoy some wonderful information about your pup's gut!
Odyssey Pets
 A Digest on Digestion
After working in the pet industry for over 20 years, I’ve heard all kinds of theories and questions about what foods to feed dogs and cats. There are some common misconceptions about K9 digestion and commercial pet foods.
What is good for us is not necessarily the right diet choice for dogs. They process fats and carbs differently than humans. Dogs are carnivorous and have digestive systems designed to process protein and fat far better than us. In fact, dogs get most of their energy from fat (instead of carbs like us).  Furthermore, unless your dog has a special dietary need like pancreatitis, looking for a “low fat” food will not necessarily help in taking the pounds off your pup. You want to provide the highest meat protein and the lowest carb diet possible.
Odyssey Pets
Dogs and cats have a gastric pH that is lower than ours which facilitates protein breakdown and kills the abundant dangerous bacteria often found in decaying flesh foods. For this reason, dogs have a difficult time digesting grains and other complex carbohydrates. Most carbs pass through their system undigested. A large amount of dog foods on the market today contains around 40% carbohydrates in the form of grains. The fusion of carbohydrates and proteins make the protein difficult for dogs to digest.
Odyssey Pets
Conversely, dogs can digest the protein in raw, fresh foods much better than in processed dry foods. That is why a balanced raw diet is the best, most species-appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you choose to feed a kibble-type food, adding a digestive enzyme supplement can aid in the breakdown of the dry food by adding probiotics that clean the intestinal walls and help the dog to absorb more of the nutrients. Adding moisture to dry food is also recommended because dogs and cats typically do not drink enough water. I love to add bone broth or goat milk for a tasty, nutritional boost but you could also just add water to the food.
Odyssey Pets
When it comes to choosing the best pet food for your lifestyle and your pet, I encourage you to do some of your own research. To begin your journey, I recommend the sites,, and
Odyssey Pets
Here’s to happy, healthy pets everywhere.
Thanks again, Sherry! We truly believe in the information you have provided and agree with checking out the above sites to help start a healthy lifestyle for your pupper! 
Treat you Hungry Hounds next week!

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