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Farm to Pet has a number of wholesale locations throughout the US and we are beyond excited to feature one of our favorites this week. Please put your paws together and enjoy this blog written by Brittney Romo from Mojo Dog Co. 
Mojo Dog Co.
Experience Your Dog at Mojo Dog Co!
On the corner of Irving Park and Rockwell Street in the Northside neighborhood of Chicago, you’ll find a bundle of dog related businesses that cater to every city dog’s needs. Nuzzled in at the corner of a cul-de-sac is Found Training Center’s newest sister business, Mojo Dog Co! Owned by husband-and-wife duo, Fabian Romo and Brittney Romo, we’re backed by a combined 25 years of experience in the dog care and training field and focus on providing Chicago dog owners with the best products to play, feed, care for, and train their favorite companions.
 Mojo Dog Co is the namesake of Brittney and Fabian’s first dogs Mona and Jolie when they were still very early in their careers in the dog industry. These dogs shaped the way they envisioned living with dogs in the city, aiming to give them the most fulfilled life possible. Whether it be high quality food, all the latest interactive food puzzles and toys, or equipment to assist in adventures at the local forest preserve, they have tried and tested hundreds of dog products in order to form the full picture you will see when you shop at Mojo Dog Co.
 Mojo Dog Co.
Becoming involved in dog sports with their current group of dogs, such as Protection Dog Association, disc dog, and dock diving, has also given them a unique perspective of quality dog gear. When competing with a dog you’ve prepared alongside for months or even years, it’s incredibly important your training gear can hold up to the elements of your sport or activity. We feel the same is true for the active companion dog. We’ve found the right dog gear can make your hike, walk, or fetch session at the park so much more enjoyable, and we’re happy to help guide you through our favorite products.
 Mojo Dog Co.
We strive to only stock pet food on our shelves that we serve firsthand in our dogs’ bowls. Stop by in-store and our associates will introduce you to our collection of raw dog food and supplemental products, high quality kibble, and chews that will keep your dog happy and occupied for hours. For training, enrichment, or just a tasty new food to try, we’ve got great tasting food your dog will love.
 We’ve recently opened an online store at to better serve our clients. Shop from the comfort of your home and have our products shipped to your door or pick up in store. You can also find Mojo Dog Co. on DoorDash for our local clients!
 Mojo Dog Co.
We hope you feel at home when shopping for your dog at Mojo Dog Co. We’re excited to help even more dog owners find the ultimate active dog gear and supplies! See you soon!
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