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Change is a scary thing, regardless if you're a human or a four-legged friend. It takes a while to adjust--whether it's moving to a new home, starting a new job, or even a new routine! Dogs are like humans and take to change like we do-- some adjust with no problem, some have hiccups, while others flat out say "No". Below are some tips and tricks to help your pup adjust to change.


If you're moving to a new home, let your dog become familiar with the moving supplies. Think of how traumatic it would be to suddenly wake up one day and see all of your possessions in boxes, being put into a truck that's definitely not your human's car... Bring out the boxes, tape, etc., to let them sniff and familiarize themselves with it.


Keep up or start a new routine. Dogs like having routines and if those routines are hindered, it could lead to stress. Keep normal feed times, walks, treat/enrichment times, and bed times the same.


Get in that exercise! A lot of breeds thrive with physical exercise, so taking your dog on a walk, playing fetch, or tugging a rope before you leave for work can help relieve anxiety or stress. According to, that can trigger happy endorphins, making it easier for your pup throughout the day while you're away at work. 

Safe Space

Having a designated "Safe Spot" for you dog is crucial. This area is a spot where your dog can go when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or over-stimulated. For example, crate training helps establish your dog's crate as a safe area for them to decompress in. Try adding a cover with an opening to your dog's crate to help create a den-like, cozy, and safe environment.

Mental Enrichment

Puzzles, lickmats, kongs, and toppls are great ways to keep your dog mentally enriched to help relieve stress and anxiety. Our Chicken Chips or Turkey Chips easily break apart to fit into every type of dog puzzle. Freeze your lickmat, kongs, or toppls for a longer enrichment for your dog.
Treat you Changing Chihuahuas next week!

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