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Healthy Dog Treat (Hide and) Seek: Where to Find Farm to Pet

Written by: Michelle Toma Olson



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If it were up to us at Farm to Pet, our healthy dog treats would be available on every street corner in every corner of the globe! While we are well on our way, we aren’t quite there yet – but we are super proud to be found on Amazon in more than 400 of the most reputable independent dog and pet product retailers across the country.

We have indeed come a long way since our founder Jackson Jones started Farm to Pet in 2021 out of the basement of his Chicago home. Since day one, he knew he was making superior, high-quality, healthy dog treats in the form of our flagship chicken chips. With his engineering and professional expertise, he also knew he could develop a manufacturing operation that could consistently bring these same high-quality treats to store shelves and dog bellies everywhere. The challenge then became to convince retail partners of that promise.

Our First Retailer

Rooney, the rescue dog, waiting for a check-up at the vet
Rooney, the rescue, waiting for a check-up at Rowland Animal Clinic.

So how did Jackson get the word out on Farm to Pet? He did it the old-fashioned way and went with what he knew – his hometown. Jackson literally took the show on the road and hoofed (or is it pawed?) it around the Chicago area. He went door-to-door to pet supply stores that he trusted and pitched them Farm to Pet, both the promise and the product. The promise? That pets deserve the best. The product? Quite simply, the highest-quality, single-ingredient dog treats available. Responsibly-sourced, locally-made, human-grade, and backed by a commitment to unwavering quality and availability. And his message resonated.

With his trusty dog and treat tester Rooney by his side, Jackson decided to make his first stop…at the vet! He knew that if Farm to Pet chicken chips got the healthy dog treat seal of approval from Rooney’s vet, Dr. Richard Rowland, his new venture was on the right track. In Jackson’s words, “I was - and still am - so proud of our treats, our high quality standards, and how they are made. So all I really had to do was let the treats speak for themselves. Single-ingredient, human-grade chicken, dehydrated  into chips that pets love pretty much says it all!” Not only did Dr. Rowland agree and approve of our treats, he even decided to sell them at the Rowland Animal Clinic …and he still does to this day!

Within the first year alone, Farm to Pet treats were stocked by dozens of retailers in and around Chicago, then throughout Illinois. Since then, both the demand and the supply for our healthy dog treats have only grown, and we’ve expanded our original offerings to include single-ingredient turkey chips, chicken and turkey treat toppers, and organic elk antler dog chews as well, with more to come. :)

Our Most Pup-ular States

Color coded map of the USA
Farm to Pet has shipped to ALL 50 states.

As you might expect, Farm to Pet treats tend to be most popular – or as we like to say, pup-ular! – in cities that have the highest concentration of pets per household. After all, more pet tummies means more room for healthy dog treats! Namely, our top markets include the Chicago area, central Florida, the New York metro area, southern California, and the Pacific Northwest, all of which are among the top dog regions in the country in terms of dog pup-ulation. (I know…we just can’t stop!)

Regardless of where you live, we make it easy to seek our treats – and find them in a retailer near you! – with our handy store locator. Even if you’re not in or near one of our biggest markets, that doesn’t mean your furry friends must miss out on the best single-ingredient dog treats . You can always get them right here on our website and our Amazon store, as well.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Maple, the cream golden retriever, drooling over the Farm to Pet Chicken Chip while outside near the famous Texas blue bonnet flowers.
"Maple enjoys every Farm to Pet product, but training is made easier with Chicken Chips." ~Tiffany F.

And the whole “we make the best treats” thing isn’t just our opinion. We have thousands of 5-star reviews to back it up! Here’s what some of our pet paw-rents have to say about Farm to Pet treats:


As soon as my dogs hear me say “do you want chips?”, no matter where they are, they come running. They go crazy for them. They are a great training tool as well. I love they contain all-natural ingredients with no fillers and don't hesitate to give them to my fur babies. I am so happy I found these treats, thanks to my friend's recommendation.


My doggies love them. They have worked great when crate training my puppy. All I have to do is shake the bag, and she runs and jumps in her crate.


Milo loves the chicken chip treats. (They make a) great option for my dog that has a very limited diet. Thank you!!


My dog loves these so much. They are definitely his favorite. I usually keep a bag in my pocket when we go for play dates and his friends love them too.

Spread the Word about Healthy Dog Treats

As you can see, our pup paw-rents and their fur babies both love Farm to Pet chicken and turkey chips, whether as a training tool or simply as a healthy dog treat. If you would prefer to find them closer to home, be sure to give us a shout out to your favorite pet supply and bark at them (figuratively, of course!) to stock Farm to Pet treats in their location. Or email us their details, and we can reach out to them for you.

After all, what better way to spread the word about our organic healthy dog treats than to do it, well, organically – just like Jackson and Rooney did themselves when we first started! We are so grateful to all of our retail partners and customers for supporting us along the way. Stick with us for even more healthy pet treats and food toppers, organic antler chews, and much more on the horizon. You can rest assured that we will deliver all of them with the same commitment to giving your pets exactly what they deserve - the best!

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