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Elk Antlers For Dogs: A Doggone Great Organic Dog Chew

Written by: Michelle Toma Olson



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Elk antlers have become an increasingly popular chew for dogs for many reasons. Not only are they an all-natural and organic dog chew, but antlers for dogs are also a source of essential nutrients, support proper oral hygiene and are super long-lasting. And this is just to name a few of their many benefits! Read on for more below about why antlers are leading the pack when it comes to organic dog chews.

Dog with Elk Antler in it
Mini Australian Sheppard with Split Elk Antler

First, what antlers are NOT…BONES!

While bones and antlers may seem similar at first glance, there are some important differences between the two. While antlers grow as projections from bone (the skull), they are actually stronger and more fibrous than bone. This enables antler dog chews to withstand much more force before breaking than even large bones, up to six times more according to some studies. This is critical given the tremendous force that can be produced by a dog’s jaws, especially certain breeds with powerful jaw bones and muscles. While even large animal bones can splinter and cause digestive issues or, worse, blockages, if ingested, elk antlers are much less likely to break into small, sharp pieces that can do damage. And since elk antlers are much harder yet can have more “give” than bones, they can provide a safer and more satisfying chewing experience for dogs that love to chew. 

Rescue Dog with Elk Antler Chew
Rescue Pup with Split Elk Antler


Also unlike bones, elk and deer naturally shed their antlers every year to make room for new ones. This natural process makes them inherently cruelty-free! In fact, antlers grow incredibly fast – up to an inch a day has been recorded! – so they even naturally replenish their own supply! Their fast growth cycle also means that antlers are supported by a strong blood flow, making the marrow and outer layer great sources of nutrients, as we will cover in more detail below.


In addition, being sure that the antlers you choose for your dog are ethically sourced – like ours at Farm to Pet – will give you the confidence of knowing that animals are not harmed or endangered by the process of obtaining the antlers. Instead, our elk antlers are wild gathered from wild elk. They are found, selected, and harvested right where they are dropped, and the elk that shed them are able to continue living their lives in the wild – and grow another pair of new, bigger antlers each time! 


Naturally rich in minerals, antlers are a great source of extra nutrition for your pup. Elk and deer antlers contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other trace elements, all of which support strong bones and teeth. Elk antlers also contain collagen, which can help improve skin and coat health, as well as glucosamine which can support joint health. 


What’s more, the marrow provides pups with an additional source of protein – the holy grail of canine cuisine! As a rule of thumb, some experts say that dogs need about 1 gram of protein per pound of their body weight each day. Just like our healthy one-ingredient treats at Farm to Pet, one-ingredient antlers provide pure nutrition with no additives, preservatives or chemicals. And if this weren’t already enough, all of this goodness comes in a low-calorie “package,” almost like a multi-vitamin! While antlers aren’t for eating, dogs ingest the scrapings and the nutrients along with them as they are chewed, all without unnecessary added calories.

Pup outdoors with dog chew
Outdoor Fun with his favorite Dog Chew


Chewing is almost like tooth brushing for dogs! Of course, you don’t have to worry about a brush or doggie toothpaste, let alone the angst that the job can sometimes cause both pup and parent. Chewing action – especially with hard objects like antler dog chews – helps slough away debris, plaque and tartar from teeth, which in turn can promote both stronger teeth and healthier gums.  And unlike tooth brushing, poochies actually choose – or should we say “chews” – to do this on their own! 


And did we mention the smell? Actually, we don’t have to – for a reason! So many animal-based chews can smell “distinctive” at best and downright unpleasant at worst. With elk and deer antlers, you’ll be asking “what smell?” through your human nose, even though they smell super tempting to your dog’s superior snout. 


Unlike ingestible chews like rawhide or bully sticks, antler dog chews are in it for the long haul. While edible dog chews can be gone lickety split in the jaws of a prolific chewer, or morph into melty goo with a lingering licker, elk antlers for dogs can last for weeks or even months without disintegrating, dissolving or breaking into small pieces that have to be taken away. Also, traditional rawhide chews, bones or other animal parts, not to mention artificial chew toys with squeakers or that can be torn apart, can pose choking hazards to the eager pup who wants to chomp the whole thing down. And while elk antlers for dogs are already relatively affordable compared to other dog chews and chew toys on the market, their longevity factor makes them a more economical, as well as safer, choice for your pup’s chewing needs. 

Two Dogs outside looking at Elk Antlers
Two Antlers for Two Doodles


As you can see, there are many reasons why elk antlers make wonderful chews for dogs. If you're interested in trying elk antler organic dog chews as a healthy, long-lasting and natural chew for your precious pup, Farm to Pet offers various options. Our elk antlers for dogs are available in various sizes and cuts, so you can find the perfect chew for your furry friend. Plus, with our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing, you can feel good about giving your pup a treat that's not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. Visit our chews page to learn more and shop our selection of high-quality organic elk antlers for dogs.


And as always, don’t leave your dog unattended while he chomps on his favorite chew. Although issues are rare, for safety’s sake, keep an eye on her to ensure nothing unwanted happens.


Catch-chew later, dog lovers!

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