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Farm to Pet's team has recently had the opportunity to "meet" and chat with Joyce Diamond. She is a veteran to dog training and discussed loving using dog treats like Chicken and Turkey Chips during her training sessions with all different pups. 
Joyce is the owner and operator of Diamond Dog Training. She is a Positive Dog Trainer and Behavior Counselor. Joyce has been working with dogs and their owners for over 45 years. Joyce Diamond is one of the first 47 people in the world to be awarded the certification CPDT-KA. (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed.)
Joyce discussed what she enjoys doing on a daily basis and her newer passion of using social media and YouTube to create content for dog owners.
"My clients are dogs and new puppy owners who need help training their dogs. I do private lessons in people's homes. I publish weekly videos on my YouTube Channel to give dog owners training tips."
We highly suggest checking out and subscribing to her channel!
 Joyce's backstory is that of a true love of canines and working with them daily. She loves helping people train their dogs. She has owned and operated a Doggie Daycare and Grooming and Dog Training Facility for 15 years until 2018. In 2018, she then created and started Diamond Dog Training to continue to help people train their puppies and dogs.
When asked about the clients she seeks to help, Joyce stated the following:
"My ideal customer are all owners who need help training their dogs. I work with new puppy owners, new rescue dogs, teach basic training to all ages of dogs and behavior consults. I offer private lessons in people's homes."
If in the Connecticut area, we couldn't recommend her more to help with anything related to doggie training. There are many ways to contact her, but Alignable is a great way to connect.
Joyce is truly loving using Chicken and Turkey Chips during her training sessions. Look for us to be featured in some upcoming videos on her YouTube. 
Here are just a few of our favorite videos for pet owners.
Treat you next week Training Terriers! 

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