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Why Wholesale Pet Treats from Farm to Pet are easy to sell

Written by: Michelle Toma Olson



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We at Farm to Pet are proud to be sold in more than 300 fine retail locations across the country, a number that, despite being a newcomer to the category and an independent manufacturer, we were able to reach within just two years of launching our flagship single-ingredient Chicken Chips for Dogs treats. And we are even more proud that we are still partnered with our original retailers today.

It is a testament to our dedication and commitment to not only making the highest quality healthy pet treats possible but to making them as easy to sell as possible for our retailers as well. After all, the faster they sell, the more dogs can happily enjoy them! If you’re considering adding Farm to Pet single-ingredient dog treats to your product assortment, here are a few reasons that our current partners cite as why our products have been a success for them – and why they can be for you, too.



One product, one ingredient. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Our Farm to Pet Chicken Chips for Dogs are made of one thing: 100% natural, human-grade chicken breast, dehydrated at 180 degrees until it’s perfectly safe and delicious for doggy consumption. No fillers, additives, hormones, preservatives, or added colors or flavors – ever.

When we extended our offerings, it was with other single-ingredient options. First came our single-ingredient Turkey Chips for Dogs , made from – you guessed it – 100% pure turkey, developed due to customer requests for an alternative to chicken for dogs with sensitivities. (We also listen to our customers , both wholesalers and consumers!)

Next came powdered versions of both protein chips that we call Treat Topper Dog Food Toppers , each one containing the exact same natural human-grade poultry as our treat varieties, but in powder form, making them ideal to add a boost of pure protein to a pet’s dinner, slow feeder or licking mat.

Our simple single-ingredient philosophy is part of our DNA, so you can rest assured it will carry through to future product launches so our message stays just as easy to understand!


This philosophy also makes our products easy to retail. No long stretches of shelf space required here; our products pack maximum shelf appeal in minimal space . Whereas many brands have dozens of SKUs that take time and effort to sort through for those both stocking and shopping shelves, Farm to Pet’s standalone bags work equally well on a shelf, counter or clip strip, each one conveying the same message. One healthy ingredient per healthy Farm to Pet product.

We also make it even easier for our retail partners by offering an online store locator, Easy Value Bundles, multiple order methods and free in-store collateral that conveys the Farm to Pet message in a quick, impactful and visually appealing way.


Farm to Pet founder Jackson Jones is passionate about manufacturing excellence, which is the foundation of ensuring a wholly owned, quick and reliable supply chain. While restocking other treats has posed problems for many retailers over the years, stores that sell Farm to Pet single-ingredient dog treats can rest assured that there will be sufficient stock on hand to meet their orders, and that those orders will be promptly acknowledged, filled and shipped.

We also have a handy password-protected wholesale website where you can place orders online whenever it suits you. If you prefer more real-time feedback, you can also email orders to our customer service staff or our sales manager directly. We even offer a third ordering alternative through the online distributor marketplace Faire for those who prefer it.

We know that taking the stress out of the ordering process, by eliminating unfamiliar or complicated ordering systems and the risk of potential out of stocks, makes your business run more smoothly.


Farm to Pet’s beginnings sprang from our founders’ desire to not only produce the best quality dog treat, but to be sure it was readily available when someone wanted to purchase it. Ever since we started production, Farm to Pet has succeeded on both fronts. Behind Jackson, who is consistently improving all facets of the business to further his vision that all dogs deserve the best treats , is a team of talented pet lovers who are just as dedicated to the Farm to Pet mission, including a super responsive customer service and sales team that devotes personal time and attention to our valued retail partners.


Over four thousand 5-star reviews tell the tale – or is it tail? Vocal pet parents have built our brand and our reputation , but it’s the wagging tails that keep them coming back! From stories of finnicky or under-the-weather dogs who would turn their noses up to lesser treats and testimonials from trainers who won’t use any other treat, to messages from our retailers that even they are surprised and pleased at how popular they are, Farm to Pet healthy dog treats are truly loved by those who try them. What do they love most? Parents love the nutrition, trainers love that the chips are mess-free in a hand or pocket, dogs love the taste – and they all love the signature crunch !


What do our retailers love most? Yes, they love the messaging, the quality, the reliability, the extras and more, but above all they love the sales ! No “shelf sitters” here – and with all these benefits, it’s easy to see why our treats offer such quick turnover. The process is also simple: order, sell, repeat !


We hope this has provided some insight into why Farm to Pet is making its mark in the pet treat category and with retailers like you . Our wholesale pet treat customer feedback provides living proof of the reasons why. The fact that we are contributing to their success drives us to keep improving and growing with them. We invite you to see the possibilities for yourself – starting with low risk, high reward , and more dogs getting the best treats they so richly deserve! Email us at to join our growing retail community or learn more at our wholesale inquiry page – we will be honored to work with and support you!

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