Frequently Asked Questions

From the very beginning, Farm To Pet’s company founders had a vision to create small batch, wholesome and nutritious single ingredient pet treats that dogs would crave.  Based on our own dog ownership experiences, we knew the pet treat space has very few high-quality single ingredient treats, hence the exciting launch of Farm To Pet! 

YES! We believe the best protein treats are made from responsibly sourced and ethically raised chicken, turkey and beef.  Our treats are human grade sourced free from additives, preservatives, binders and fillers because fur babies deserve to eat only the best and nutritious treats to promote healthy snacking.

Our Farm To Pet Chicken Chips are made from one single ingredient: 100% USDA chicken breast, while the average dog treat has 7 ingredients.

Farm To Pet Chicken Chips are super crunchy and addictively tasty that your fur baby will absolutely love. We guarantee it! 

No refrigeration is necessary. The shelf life is 18 months and each individual package states the “Use By” date.

Absolutely!  It’s 100% chicken breast.

5 to 10 calories per chicken chip depending on size.

3 to 10 chicken chips at a time. However, these recommended guidelines really depend on the size of your dog.  Like all pet treats, responsible feeding should always be considered.

Yes! We are proud to work with farms in Iowa and produce our single ingredient treats at our facility in Chicago.

Yes! Dogs crave protein and most dogs love chicken. Chicken helps support your dog’s muscles, skin, immune system, coat and much more.

To help your dog look, feel, and be at their best, we developed a grain free single-ingredient protein treat. Grain free diets benefit dogs by preventing allergies and promoting a healthy coat and lifestyle.

Human-grade ingredients indicate the highest quality of protein that is appropriate for consumption by humans and animals alike.

Cats love Farm To Pet Chicken Chips! They are just as safe and nutritious for cats as they are for dogs. 

You can purchase all Farm To Pet treats on our website, Amazon and at several retail stores - see here for the list.

We ship to all 50 states and will ship to Canada soon.