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🌺🐶 Spring Gift Guide For Dogs

The dog days of summer are coming to a close, but it is never too late to enjoy some fun in the sun with your pup! Here is our top five list of dog friendly activities you should definitely squeeze in before summer is over:

1. Swimming

Nothing is better than jumping into a cool pool on a hot summer day, but it’s even better with your furry friend. Dogs tend to love swimming for the same reasons we do- it cools you down, and it’s fun! It’s also great exercise for your dog so don’t forget to pack your Chicken Chips to fuel them up. If you do take your dog swimming, it’s important to be safe and monitor them closely. You can read about water safety tips here.

2. Make popsicles

Break out those silicone molds stored in your cabinet and turn them into some dog-friendly deliciousness! Pupsicles are the perfect summer treat, and they can be enjoyed by humans and dogs. This article lists lots of great recipes you can try out. Don’t forget to top with some treats

3. Exercise Outdoors

Here in the Midwest, it’s so important to play with our dogs outdoors before the winter weather hits. There are many fun, active things you can do with your dog outside - play fetch with a frisbee or their favorite ball, run through a sprinkler, go for a walk… the possibilities are endless! 

4. Go to a Dog Park
Socializing is very important for dogs, especially young pups. Dog parks are a great way to get some exposure to other furiends all while burning off some energy. However, there are many things to consider before bringing your dog to a park full of other animals so make sure it is a good fit for you and your pup before you go! Here are some guidelines to follow before heading to the park.

5. Visit a Dog Friendly Market

Nothing says summertime more than a farmers’ market, and many of these events are open to our furry friends, too! Find a local event near you and stock up on some goodies for you and your dog. You can also join us at our upcoming events:
  • Dachshund Derby - Saturday, August 13th 1pm-4pm
  • Dog Friendly Market at Midwest Coast Brewing Company - Saturday, August 19th from 5-9pm 
  • Dog Days of Summer at MOI Chicago- Saturday, August 27th 9am-11am (order tickets at
My dog and I will definitely try to complete this list before the summer is over, and we hope you do too! 

Treat you Crazy Canines next week!

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