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Spring Guide for Dog Gifts

Written by: Miranda Jones



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Spring is here and with it comes the joy of giving! At Farm to Pet, we've curated a unique Spring Guide for Dog Gifts, ensuring your furry companions join in the delight of the new season. Together with an exciting group of dog brand partners, we've gathered a collection of great gifts for every pup. From delectable treats to durable toys to chic accessories for dog lovers, our dog gifts guide is your go-to for selecting something fresh and new. As the weather warms up, we hope your furry friend enjoys the springtime with lots of tail-wagging joy!

Dog Gifts

Dog Gifts from Wuffes for hip and joint support.
Dog Hip & Joint Support Chews


They are the joint experts for your pets. Their products are made in the USA and help your pup from snoot to tail. All their products embody their commitment to help improve the quality of life for your pets. Similarly to Farm to Pet, Wuffes. initial goal was to make the best quality product, and over the years, that hasn’t changed. Wuffes. sole focus is to ensure dogs can live their best lives for as long as physically possible.

The Advanced Hip & Joint Support Chews are definite dog gifts this spring season. Easily affordable and highly effective, these chews help improve your dog's mobility and decrease joint pain, especially when the seasons change and every pup is outside getting more exercise. The chews are made with the finest and scientifically proven ingredients. 

The Naughty Dog Dog bed with pitbull dog laying on a camo bed.
Chew Proof Naughty Dog Bed

The Naughty Dog

The Naughty Dog is a veteran-operated company that focuses on providing a safe haven for your dogs. They are committed to ensuring a premium quality product. The beds are chew-proof and American-made, with the commitment to give dogs a safe and comfy place to sleep. The beds are K9 tested for durability. The founders have partnered with Clear Path to give back to Veterans.

Chew Proof Naughty Dog Beds are incredibly comfortable and made with 100% Ballistic Nylon Military Grade Fabric. Designed with aggressive chewers in mind, the bed cover is also removable and washable. "Place" is a great command for pups to learn, so why not choose a comfy, durable spot to call your dog's spot. Dog gifts for the springtime should include a new chew-proof bed.

Pink Crystal Resin Tag with the dog name "Hawke."
Custom Crystal Resin Tag

Crystals & Canines

The perfect blend of style and well-being for your furry friend with Crystals and Canines handmade tags. The owner's goal when opening up her shop was to bring her two passions together, crystal healing and her beloved pets. Animals are even more sensitive to these energies, which allows for more profound healing when given the right intention.

Crystal Resin Tags are crafted with love and precision. These tags go beyond aesthetics, offering a unique fusion of holistic energy and personalized flair.¬†Crystals & Canines¬†delves into the world of crystal-infused dog accessories, exploring the benefits of these exquisite tags and why they make the perfect dog gifts for the spring season. Elevate your dog's style and energy ‚Äď because every tail deserves a touch of magic!

Dog Gifts with Lovepup + Co.
16oz Glass Tumbler

Lovepup + Co.

They were founded in 2022 by Dakota and her CEO, Goldendoodle Breckenridge. Every single one of Lovepup + Co.'s items is handcrafted with love - because they know you love your pets as much as they do. Personalized dog gifts for humans might be our personal favorites. 

Elevate your springtime sipping experience with Lovepup + Co.'s personalized glass tumblers featuring exquisite sketches of your beloved canine companions. Capture the essence of your furry friend in every sip and toast to the joy of spring with these beautifully crafted tumblers. Celebrate the bond between humans and their canine pals with their unique and heartwarming creations. Cheers to a season filled with love and unforgettable moments with these dog gifts for humans! 

The Canine Threads Leash Adventure Set with spring colors of green and pink in the dog leashes.
Leash Adventure Set

The Canine Threads

Quality canine adventure gear handcrafted in the Sunshine State for all dog lovers. Their products are durable and made to last. Embrace the outdoors with your pup in style and ensure every walk becomes a joyful adventure. Find a variety of bandanas, leashes, collars, harnesses, and even seat belts for dogs.

Find out why The Canine Threads' adventure leashes are the ultimate dog gifts this season. All leashes are made to order, using 3/4" Standard Biothane material. Gear up for spring with the perfect leash that combines safety and fashion for a tail-wagging good time! Their leashes are water, adventure, snow, and odor-proof! Every leash order includes branded, reusable cotton bags to store your leashes. 

The Millie and The Mazie stylish purses for dog parents from Mazie Days.
The Millie and The Mazie

Mazie Days

Ashley, the founder of Mazie Days, was in search of a more convenient way to walk her dogs. She started researching and designing bags that would have multiple compartments and attachments, which would offer practicality, security, and easy access. Mazie Days is known for crafting innovative, versatile, stylish accessories for pet parents that blend fashion and functionality to effortlessly take you from dog walks to dinner dates.

Their high-quality vegan leather bags come in various colors, and additional chain accessories offer versatility to let your personal style shine. The adjustable and removable straps mean you can wear it multiple ways to match your mood, outfit, and plans this spring. We can't pick which dog gift your human would choose, The Millie or The Mazie? 

Spring Dog Bandana Collection from Bunch of Bandanas in purple and green with bee print.
Spring Dog Bandana Collection

Bunch of Bandanas

Michelle is the owner and creator of Bunch of Bandanas. She loves dogs and has two adorable pups you see all over her website - Cooper and Muffin. Similar to Farm to Pet, Bunch of Bandanas was born in 2020! She has had so much fun growing her business with her sister in-law, Jenna. Jenna puts her time and heart into each and every one of the hand-embroidered bandanas, and she couldn't be luckier to have her on her team!

They have various colors and patterns to choose from for Spring dog gifts. Bunch of Bandanas offers a large selection of bandanas and other very adorable items. All bandanas are hand-made, made to order, and come with two snaps. Stay tuned for a fun collaboration with Farm to Pet, Sassy Woof, and RemyRose on Instagram.

Dog Gifts from Spot Ethical Products, Inc. include a frog dog toy carried in this picture by a white and brown beagle.
Stuffing Free Frog Dog Toy

Spot Ethical Products, Inc.

Established in 1952, Ethical Products, Inc. is a privately owned company. Ethical Products is focused on providing products for dogs and cats. They market products under the SPOT brand, which includes dog and cat toys, dishes, waste management products, and other dog and cat accessories. Their Fashion Pet division markets a complete line of dog apparel. This company has won prestigious new product awards at the Global Pet Exposition Show. 

The Skinneeez Extreme Stuffer Frog features a ripstop mesh lining for extra strength! Can insert a water bottle for extra fun. These are stuffing-free and extra durable. Springtime would not be complete without the PAWfect-themed toy. Thoughtfully chosen dog toys are versatile and meaningful dog gifts that contribute to their physical health, mental stimulation, emotional well-being, and overall happiness.

Dog Gifts from Brewin Aussie Co. include this green slow feeder and lick mat.
Heart Grub Mat with Slow Feeder and Lick Mat

Brewin Aussie Co.

This company offers an array of customized everyday items for you and your pets are made in Southern California. Kat is the creator and owner of Brewin Aussie Co. They have a fabulous selection of human and dog gifts to choose from. There are many different apparel items, drinkware pieces, totes, and bandanas.

The slow feeders and lick mats are next level. These are a fun mat to help your dog stay busy during meal and snack time. Lick mats are great for reducing anxiety and boredom. Just spread your pet's favorite soft treat  over the surface and freeze for extra enrichment. These mats have silicone cups on the back, allowing your pet to enjoy the treat easily. They are made of food-safe silicone, which makes them dishwasher and freezer-safe. Farm to Pet Treat Toppers would be the PAWfect addition to these feeding mats.

Farm to Pet Dog Gifts

Farm to Pet Dog Gifts include Chicken Treat Toppers. Rooney, the rescue dog, eating out of the Treat Topper jar.
Chicken Treat Toppers for Dogs

Looking for healthy dog gifts this spring? All Farm to Pet products are made with a single ingredient - chicken or turkey breast and are always sourced regionally in the USA. Farm to Pet's innovative Chicken and Turkey dog food toppers are available in a beautiful sharker top jar and made from the same 100% single ingredient, dehydrated chicken and turkey that dogs crave in powder form! Sprinkle the extra love on top (or bottom) of kibble to make mealtime extra fun for even the pickiest of pups. Treat Toppers work great on Lick mats, Slow Feeders, and other educational dog toys.

Please enjoy this 2024 Spring Gift Guide; we hope you find something unique and fun for your furry friends this season. Happy Shopping for your dog gifts from Our Pack at Farm to Pet!

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