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From June 4th-10th, we will be celebrating Pet Appreciation Week! We give appreciation to our pets who bring laughter, joy, and a source of happiness into our lives. According to, there are several ways to celebrate this special occasion.
First: we can teach our pet some cool tricks! Either you will be the one to train them or enroll them in a dog training class. Sounds interesting, right? This will, for sure, make your pets happy, active, and energize. If you want to spend some time with them, you can join in the classes too. Make it as your bonding moment.
Second: you can buy them a new toy! Well, aside from people, pets really do love gifts, right? Take them to your nearest pet store and buy them a new toy. Pretty sure they will love it and they will love you more. So amazing!
Third: whip up a fancy meal for your pet! Wow! Nothing can compare if you will cook food for them. Try boiling chicken, steaming broccoli, or sharing your plain greek yogurt with them!
Speaking of food, you can order them Farm to Pet Chicken and Turkey Chips. Made from one, single ingredient only! Pretty sure you can hear the crunch! Available in 4 oz and 12 oz bags.
Treat you Fur Parents next week!

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