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Best New Tech for Pet Owners

Written by: Tiffany Faber



Time to read 1 min

In the ever-evolving world of technology, pet owners are now able to enhance their pet's well-being with technology. From smart collars, cameras, interactive toys that engage and entertain, the best new tech for dog owners has revolutionized the way we care for and interact with our four-legged friends. These cutting-edge devices not only offer convenience but also provide valuable insights into our dogs' behavior, ensuring their happiness, safety, and overall quality of life. Below we will delve into a few different technology driven pet products that are game changing.

Fi Collar 

A Fi Collar is like a smart watch, but for your dog! Fi Collars are a smart dog collar that allow you to track your dog’s location, step activity, and sleep activity. These collars are waterproof, and will alert you if your dog escapes from a designated location, and has a “Lost Dog” mode that makes it easier to track your lost dog. Along with being able to track metrics in the Fi App, you can see how your dog ranks amongst others with steps, and even share pictures!


Have you ever wondered what your pet does while you’re not home? A Furbo helps stop that curiosity! This #1 best-selling dog camera allows you to check in on your pet, view their activity, talk to your pet, and even toss them a treat (or two!). Furbos offer a great way to ensure your pet’s safety (and even make sure your favorite pair of shoes aren’t being destroyed!). With it’s 360 degree view, you can keep a calm mind knowing that you can check on your pet at any time. 


Have a pet that loves fetch but doesn’t understand that your arm got tired about 20 throws ago? The iFetch is perfect for you! The iFetch is an automated ball launcher that can launch tennis balls 10-40 ft (depending on the model). A pup simply drops the ball into the top of the iFetch, and waits for it to launch the ball. You can change the launch distance with a touch of a button, so you can keep your pup on their toes.
Technology is making being a pet owner a lot easier and safer. Make sure you reward your pup for their hard work of entertaining you through a camera with our chips!

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