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Welcome Back Pups! Haven't you been adoring all of our themed content this month? We've been falling in love all over again with the dogs sending us such sweet content! Thank you for always supporting us and being just as passionate about our products as we are! We will keep going with this month's theme of "Puppy Love" with this week's blog. We were blessed to have some of our ambassadors share stories about the first time they fell in love with their dog.

 "I fell in love with Maple because of how cuddly she was! It was a cold, windy day when we met and she crawled straight into my lap and went to sleep." ~TIFFANY

"This chubby little rescue pup and her baby blues just sparkled as she stared back at me. It was love at first sight! That little pink nose pup stole my heart that day, and Calee still has it!" ~LYNNE

"His eyes immediately drew me in and I felt a connection to this sweet boy. I knew Charlie had to come home with me and be spoiled!" ~KATHERINE

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Puppy love" is a commonly used phrase referring to a type of infatuation or strong affection that is usually experienced by young people. The term is often used to describe a short term romantic attraction or crush. Puppy love is characterized by strong feelings of excitement and attachment -- Perfect for how we talk about our love for our pets. The expression is often used to imply that the feelings involved are not genuine or long-lasting, which is obviously not true in cases with love for animals including our pups.

"I've waited my whole life to have a dog. The second I saw Lulu, I knew she was meant to be in my life. Her cheerful greetings have filled my life with such joy, love and purpose." ~NINA

"We first saw Dakota’s picture when she was 4 weeks old and totally fell in love with her! She looked like a tiny 2lb teddy bear! It has been the best 2 1/2 years ever!" ~CHERI

"We knew that he was full of love for those he cared about, and was a protector by nature, and instantly our minds were made up. Bear was who we were taking home with us, and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made." ~ANGELA


Yes, of course, we know that dogs need love and affection as they are social animals that have evolved over time to live in close relationships with other animals and humans. Dogs are pack animals and have a strong instinct to be part of a social group. We have learned through time spent with our furry friends that they thrive on positive interaction with their owners, including physical affection, play, and attention. Dogs can become anxious, depressed, and may display destructive or inappropriate behavior without love and affection. The main reason we are here, is it's important for dogs to have a healthy diet, exercise, and mental stimulation to live a happy and fulfilling life.


"We received our first video of Wrigley and knew his spunky personality would complete our little family." ~NICOLE

"I went through multiple litters with my breeder to find a red male corgi, and on the third litter try, was able to pick! He had the derpiest and biggest smile I’ve ever seen and I just knew Winston was perfect for me." ~KATIE

"I knew Esmé was the pup for me when I picked her up and she wrapped her paws around my neck like a hug and then gave me a kiss!" ~LEIGHANN

"One day when scrolling his picture popped up & he had my exs name which i just thought was funny but i instantly knew he was the one when I saw him (and had to change the name to Shaggy, of course)." ~HALEY

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Treat you Passionate Pups next week!

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