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Lucky Dog! 5 Healthy Pet Treat Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Written by: Michelle Toma Olson



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We all know how lucky we feel to be dog paw-rents. But did you know that many cultures and civilizations throughout history have considered dogs to be sources of luck and good fortune? In fact, Saint Patrick himself was a legendary dog whisperer! So in honor of his namesake day of good luck (and wearing of the green!), let’s look at how dogs became lucky charms for humans as well as five fun – and a few green-hued! – ways to reward them for it with healthy dog treats!

Dogs: Lucky Charms throughout History

Golden Retriever sitting in a chair with green shamrock glasses and green bowtie.
One Lucky Golden

Ever since there has been recorded history, dogs have featured prominently, right there next to our human ancestors. Whether as godlike creatures like in ancient Egypt and Greece, healers in Middle Eastern civilizations, or signs of the zodiac in Asia, dogs symbolize loyalty, protection and companionship. Pugs and Shih Tzus are revered as good luck charms in Asia, as are Hairless in Mexico, Poodles in France and Setters in Ireland. And even Saint Patrick, who was actually an ancient Roman shepherd, not only had a dog – a trusty Sheepdog that spoke to him in a dream to save him from misfortune – but he was also able to calm and soothe dogs with just his presence.

It’s no wonder that these and many other cultures have coexisted, bonded with and cherished dogs for centuries. After all, dogs provided valuable services to their humans, the first of which was protection, as shown by the dog statues still standing guard to the entrances of many ancient temples and palaces. It then progressed to other duties, like herding, retrieving, tracking and more. It even evolved to pure companionship in the form of lap dogs! Of course, even lap dogs provide a level of protection with their superior senses of hearing and smell and give off much needed warmth in cold climates. And as you will see below, dogs provide other health benefits to their human companions as well.

Health Benefits of Having a Dog

Human female sitting with her dog near the water relaxing and enjoying each other
Healthy Living for Dogs and Humans

In addition to keeping us warm on the outside, dogs make us warm on the inside! They foster love and affection and provide purpose in our lives, improving overall mental health. And not only is the mental health dogs promote a huge determinant of physical health, they also prompt their human parents to be more active and social. These and other effects of having a dog have been shown to offer measurable health benefits. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, studies have shown that pet ownership can actually help to:

  • lower blood pressure,
  • lower cholesterol and triglycerides,
  • reduce stress and anxiety, and
  • improve cognitive function in the elderly.

The Mayo Clinic concurs! According to their experts, dogs offer increased opportunity and motivation for activities like walking. They also alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation – after all, the best ear to bend when we need someone to listen just might be floppy and covered in fur! Furthermore, dog parents are more likely to be physically active than those without pets, as well as less likely to be obese, less likely to suffer from depression, and less likely to have heart attacks.

All of these factors add up to the undeniable fact that dogs improve our lives in terms of quantity (longevity) and quality (health and happiness). It looks like we are the lucky dogs to have them in our lives! So, let’s reward them for it with these fun and healthy dog treats below.

Five Fun Ways to Give Your Lucky Dog a Healthy Pet Treat

Green Veggies

Even though as a rule most table food isn’t the best for our doggos, there are some pure, clean – and green! – foods that they not only love but that also make healthy dog treats, like these greenlit by the Cucumber slices are a great source of potassium and vitamin K as well as hydration. Green beans or shredded zucchini added to your pup’s dinner provides a healthy dose of fiber as well. Peas are a good source of fiber in addition to vegetable protein, and celery can boost hydration and freshen dog breath! While pups can also eat nutrient-rich kale and broccoli, best to cook these options first, of course with no added salt, for better digestion.

Small dog with broccoli sitting on the sidewalk outside by the grass.
Don't forget the Greens.

Green Smoothie-cicles

While dogs may love a pup cup, homemade options are much better since they don’t have the added sugar or flavoring that restaurant options might contain. So if you like to watch your pup lap up a cup of whipped cream, give him a DIY version at home every once in a while. Better yet? Make your doggo a green smoothie-cicle! Just blend 1 banana, 1 cup steamed kale and 1 cup of milk together, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Your puppo will love chomping these frozen delights – even more than you’ll love videoing it!

Green Smoothie for Dogs.
Green Smoothie for Dogs.

Shamrock Dog Cookies

Another DIY perfect for a lucky dog are these homemade dog “cookies” courtesy of Kiki Kane and Shape this healthy blend of dog-safe ingredients into shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, candy canes for Christmas, or maybe dog bones for any day – fur-riends will love them regardless! Mix 1 cup chopped kale or spinach, ¼ cup plain unsweetened applesauce and 1 egg in a bowl. Add 2 cups of oat flour until it reaches a consistency that can be rolled out. You can even add one chlorophyll capsule or a dash or peppermint extract for a breath-freshening effect. Roll the dough, cut into desired shapes (this should make about 18 cookies), and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until crispy.

Shamrock Cookies for Dogs on a plate.
Healthy Shamrock Cookies for Dogs.

Long-Lasting Dog Chews

All doggos deserve something to chew on. As we have covered in previous posts, chewing has many benefits for our pups, from stress relief to burning energy to supporting healthy teeth and jaws. Our pick for the best chew? An organic antler dog chew, of course! Not only are they long-lasting, all-natural, and virtually odorless, but they also provide nutrients like calcium and protein yet are less likely to splinter than bones.

Dog chewing on an organic elk antler from Farm to Pet.
Split Elk Antler from Farm to Pet.

Single-Ingredient Protein Treats

We would be remiss if we didn’t include the tastiest, most nutritious and healthy dog treat of all in our list. That’s right – ours! Our human-grade, single-ingredient chicken chips and turkey chips provide low-calorie, low-fat nutrition dogs love to crunch. They make a perfect part of a healthy and balanced diet for your doggo, as do our Treat Toppers. Also available in turkey or chicken varieties, these sprinkle-on versions of our famous treats give any meal an added flavor boost and the pure protein dogs need. 

Doodle outside in the green grass waiting for his Farm to Pet Chicken Chip.
Pax waiting for his healthy chip.

Regardless of whether dogs had been deified, admired and revered as sources of good fortune throughout history, we would have already known just how lucky we are to have them in our lives. From love and companionship, to protection and assistance, to numerous health benefits, our fur babies are indeed a fountain of fortune for us humans. Lucky dog? Yes. But lucky dog parents even more! We hope you enjoy these ideas for how to reward them with healthy dog treats – green or not! – for all they give to us so selflessly!

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