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Turn Healthy Dog Treats into a Topping! The Benefits of Adding Dog Food Toppers to Your Pet’s Dinner

Written by: Michelle Toma Olson



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You already know that we make the best healthy dog treat in the form of our all-natural chicken chips and turkey chips. Loved by doggos and pet parents alike, these tasty, nutritious, crunchy pet snacks put Farm to Pet on the map – and with good reason! They are single ingredient (so they contain absolutely no fillers, additives or potentially dangerous chemicals), human grade (so they’re superior quality to most dog treats and some human treats, too!), and sustainably sourced (so they have lower impact on the environment and supply chain). Wouldn’t it be great if all your pet’s meals could be like our healthy dog treats? With our dog food Treat Toppers, it is now possible! These powdered versions of our nutrient-rich chips are packed with the same benefits as their full-size counterparts…and maybe a few more! Read on for five benefits of adding food toppers to your fur babies’ menu.

Benefit #1 of Adding Food Toppers to Your Pet’s Dinner: Pure Protein Punch

Farm to Pet
Single Ingredient Dog Food Treat Topper

Adding our food toppers to your pets’ meals is like giving each one a punch of pure, unadulterated protein, and getting enough protein is essential to a pup’s health. While it varies according to age, gender and lifestyle, the experts at estimate that most dogs should get between 22 and 30 percent of their calories from protein. In fact, according to, the higher end of the scale is suitable for many dogs, including puppies, seniors, active dogs, overweight dogs, and mama dogs. That sounds like just about all dogs! However, there are exceptions – if your dog has kidney or liver problems or is morbidly obese, stick to the lower end of the range and seek veterinary advice on proper diet planning. 

That being said, it is not just the quantity of the protein that matters – it is also quality of the protein itself. Like humans, whole food sources are much more nutritious than processed foods. Regarding protein sources, that means muscle or organ meat, not leftover bits that have been ultra-processed into meals or byproducts. The meats must also be processed in a way that doesn’t drain them of their nutritive value.  For example, dehydrating, freeze-drying, or freezing raw ingredients removes bacteria but leaves the good stuff behind, whereas overcooking or processing strips it all away. 

Moreover, only high-quality proteins that have been mindfully and minimally processed can provide the bioavailable amino acids dogs need from protein for optimal health. Bioavailability means that a food can be digested easily so its nutrients are effectively and efficiently absorbed. According to, chicken and turkey are the top two most bioavailable meat options for dogs. Coincidence that our healthy dog treats and pet food toppers are made of the same two proteins? We think not! 

Benefit #2 of Adding Food Toppers to Your Pet’s Dinner: Nutrients Galore

Rescue dog, Rooney, eating Farm to Pet
Rooney, the rescue pup, loves the new shaker lid on her Treat Topper.

In addition to protein and essential amino acids, poultry is also high in other nutrients beneficial to dogs. For example, both chicken and turkey contain B complex vitamins, iron, zinc, and magnesium. B vitamins help support our doggos’ energy and metabolic levels. Iron is essential to oxygenating blood and tissue. Zinc plays a crucial role in immune response and skin health, while magnesium is critical to bone and muscle health. Who knew chicken and turkey are not only low-fat protein sources but that they also rich in these other vitamins and minerals? While your puppo will need more of these nutrients than poultry alone can provide, adding food toppers to her meals or licking mats is like giving her a whole-food vitamin supplement to bolster an overall balanced diet.

Benefit #3 of Adding Dog Food Toppers to Your Pet’s Dinner: Pop of Flavor, Hold the Allergens

Yes, some dogs (like my corgi, Jack of the endless appetite!) are canine vacuum cleaners, sucking up anything that enters their orbit. However, others are far from it. Whether you call it discerning, particular or downright picky, certain pups quite literally turn their noses up to even high quality pet foods. However, the flavor of pure meat? There are not many four-legged fur-riends that would or could turn that down. Adding food toppers can enhance the flavor of any wet or dry food, turning the mundane into an irresistible delicacy, all while turning up the nutritional value!

And maybe your pup is on a limited-ingredient diet or has food allergies. Nothing is lurking in our food toppers – or the treats they come from – besides pure chicken or turkey. You don’t have to scour an ingredient list since there are zero potential hidden allergens, not to mention that single-ingredient chicken and turkey are very low on the allergen scale already. If your pup is good with these poultry meats, he’s good with ours! 

Benefit #4 of Adding Food Toppers to Your Pet’s Dinner: Wallet Friendly Feeding

Dog food with Farm to Pet Treat Topper on top in a bowl surrounded by Chicken Chips
Treat Toppers are perfect on top of dog food.

Just like with humans, eating right can sometimes be expensive. While some of us can feed our pets human grade food – or just plain human food! – for every meal, most of us cannot. Treat Toppers add the nutrients and flavor of human grade chicken and turkey in an affordable and economical way. Just a spoonful or two per meal and your doggo will be dining like the princess she is, without breaking the bank. In fact, if you double up and buy our Chicken and Turkey Topper Combo, you’ll save about 20% off the individual product price. And you can shake it on in two flavors to shake up the menu for your puppo in the process! Subscribe for scheduled automatic deliveries and save even more on adding food toppers that tickle your pet’s palate.

Benefit #5 of Adding Food Toppers to Your Pet’s Dinner: A Treat for the Toothless

Slow feeder dog bowls are perfect for Farm to Pet treat toppers.
Slow-feeder dog bowls are perfect for Farm to Pet Treat Toppers.

If your pup suffers from dental or gum issues, has missing teeth, or is simply a puppy who avoids hard food from teething discomfort, that doesn’t mean that he has to miss out on all the benefits of our tasty-but-crunchy healthy dog treats! Treat Toppers put it all in a form that virtually any doggo can enjoy. Adding food toppers to wet food boosts flavor and nutrition while keeping meals soft and chew-free. Plus, adding food toppers to kibble encourages puppies to chew their way through the teething process and come out the other side ready and able to chomp!


These five benefits of adding food toppers to your pet’s dinner are just the tip of the iceberg – or is it the tip of the snowcone? By simply providing a powder form of our healthy dog treat chips, our Treat Toppers give pet paw-rents a whole new way to treat your dogs – and cats, for that matter! – to a boost of the same protein, nutrients, and flavor in our single-ingredient Chicken Chips and Turkey Chips, all without the risk of allergens, concerns over oral issues, or blowing your pet food budget. Now that’s hard to top – but your pet’s dinner isn’t!

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