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As humans, we need to take good care of our health and wellness especially in seasons like summer. It is the same story for our dogs. We need to keep them healthy and well, and we need to take extra care of them at this time of the year. We gathered some tips for you on how to keep your dog healthy throughout the dog days of summer.
1. Make sure to keep pups up to date with their immunizations, especially in the summer where our dogs are more likely to spend most of their time outdoors.  Vaccinating your pet can help protect your household from the spread of diseases. Over the past century, vaccinations have helped save millions of animals. Vaccinating your pet can also help you avoid paying for expensive treatments for diseases that can be prevented in animals.
2. Consult your vet. To make sure that your doggos are always in good condition. Similarly, to humans, sicknesses can pop up at any time in our canine friends. As per Rob Jackson, CEO of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, yearly he sees pet parents spending more and more at the vet because he knows that it’s a combination of urgent care, advanced technology, and treatment options, as well as a firm commitment to keep our pets healthy.
3. Keep your dog cleaned and well-groomed. We always want our dogs to smell good so that aside from you, all people will also love your dogs (let's be honest, no one likes the "dog smell"). Additionally, grooming keeps the amount of grease in your dog's coat at a minimum and ensures that their skin can breathe. Too much oil can clog pores, irritate skin, and lead to a variety of skin issues.
4. Pet safety is crucial and avoiding the direct heat in the hot summer days plays a big part of that. Put them in the airflow of a fan, on top of a cool, wet towel, use a cooling collar, or on a cooling mat. Offer cool water to drink throughout the day. Wash the dog's feet, ears, and head with cool water. Never use ice or extremely cold water.
5. And lastly, bond with them. Always have a time for your dogs this summer! Give them a single-ingredient dog treat that will make them feel that you really loved them by making it a part of their summer experience and daily routine. 
Have a PAWfect Summer Furry Friends!!! 
Treat you Summer Sunbabes next week!

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