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We're treating you dog blog lovers one day early to help celebrate Barkentine's Day 2022!! Be a true pup lover this Valentine’s Day and treat your canines with the absolute best treats on the market (in our not-so-humble opinion). 
Let’s have a heart-to-heart conversation and really get your aorta pumping! Dogs crave protein. Farm to Pet’s signature process includes dehydration of the protein which maintains the full nutritional value of the treat.
Don’t you LOVE that? 
Gracie The Pomaranian
Here is one pup loving hooman’s review of dog food and treats What's So Great About Single-Ingredient Dog Treats? - K9sOverCoffee:
“I learned that highly processed dog food and treats can contribute to cancer and other health issues in dogs. For example, itchiness and hot spots. That’s because they contain so many artificial and completely unnecessary preservatives and ingredients. Ultimately, I switched both pups from kibble to raw dog food, tossed the crappy dog treats I still had in my pantry, and replaced them with single-ingredient treats.”
On average, dog treats have 7.2 ingredients. Farm to Pet treats have ONE!
Bella the Shorkie
A way to a pup’s heart is through their stomach. Pet Web MD informs us that proteins are essential for dogs. Their body tissues are made of proteins. Your dog's body makes only 13 of the 23 amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins. The other 10 have to come from food. Chicken and Turkey Chips can help your beloved doggo maintain this balance. Feeding healthy foods to your dog does not mean you need to skimp on taste or quality. 
Bailey the Quarendoggo
 Dr. Richard Patton has specialized in animal nutrition for over three decades. He discusses in the online Dogs Naturally Magazine: Why Feed Raw?
“If feeding raw to your pet, the first change observed would be improved stools. This is due to its superior digestibility. Another delightful part of feeding raw is pets like it, palatability is great. The vast majority of pet food is cooked, with extrusion the predominant method. This extrusion produces a kibble and depends on a food containing 25 to 45 percent starch, which upon heating in the presence of water undergoes dextrinization. Dextrinized starch is what makes cookies have crumbs and a pet food kibble hard and crunchy. Though digestible, this starch is of low utility nutritionally. In fact, a bowl of kibble once a day is tantamount to daily endocrine abuse and is unhealthful. After eating, blood sugar spikes, insulin pours forth, blood sugar plunges.”
Show your canine how much you adore them with single-ingredient snacks.
Autumn the Goldie
Let your dog fall in love with Farm to Pet! Treat them with love and only ONE ingredient during this Hallmark holiday season. 
Treat you healthy hounds next week!

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