Dressing up for Halloween is one of our absolute favorite fall activities, and everyone knows everything is better with your dog! If you are still deciding on a costume for you and your pup...look no further! We have curated a list of the top 10 best joint costume ideas.
Before we dive in, we wanted to share a bit of Halloween safety information. If you are planning on dressing up your dog, make sure they are comfortable wearing a costume and avoid any hazards. You can read this article for specific tips.

1. BOO-tiful Witches

The classics are classic for a reason, and there are so many fun variations you can do with this costume. Humans can go as simple or as intricate as they want with their costumes, and all that the dogs need are a hat and cloak! This could be the spOOOOkiest of them all!

2. Cat in the Hat 

This idea is perfect for those with two dogs! Give your pups the Thing One and Thing Two look with these adorable blue wigs. Aren't group costume ideas the best?

3. Batman and Robin

When your dog is truly your sidekick, it only makes sense to be an iconic superhero duo for Halloween. You can find a Robin costume for dogs here. It's also easy to add more hooman or pupper costumes as the Joker, Catwoman, or Poison Ivy.

4. Dog and Human

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your dog? Well, Halloween is your chance to try it! Dog wigs are a must for this role reversal costume. PSA: Fire hydrants are still only for the real canines to do their business.

5. K-9 Unit

This idea is so cute and easy to pull together. You and your pup can fight crime and sniff out treats this Halloween with this costume. Don't forget to stock up on dog treats for your trick-or-treating puppers this Barktober! Your favorite Chicken and Turkey Chips would be the healthiest option (in our opinion).

6. Hot Dog and Vendor 

Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog! This costume is so funny and perfect for a dachshund! Feel free to DIY a costume with felt or purchase a hot dog costume.  Many of these options are flexible and could be used for adults or children.

7. Cruella and Dalmation 

This idea is a no brainer for Dalmatian owners, but any breed of dog can be included. For a twist, your dog can go as Cruella and you can be the dalmatian! Stay tuned for more ideas on our social media posts and videos with our FURiends costumes!

8. Beanie Babies

We love this idea...who wouldn't want to be a Beanie baby? It is also super easy and doesn't require your pup to be in an uncomfortable costume. Here is an article you can follow to DIY the tags. 

9. Paw Patrol

Family costumes AND they can save the day! If you are looking for a costume for your entire family (including your dogs), this idea is perfect! Your dog could go as Chase or any of the other Paw Patrol members.

10. "Up" Characters

Last but not least, this "Up" costume is so adorable. Whether you want to be the house from Up or one of the human characters, having a Dug at your side is sure to complete the look. Don't forget to submit your furry friend's costume picture to Farm to Pet's Instagram Howl-o-ween giveaway!

Treat you Costumed Canines next week.

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