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Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend—there for cuddles, happiness, to eat the scraps off your plate—dogs have become entwined with humans. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter the shape or size, a dog can be more than just a man’s best friend; a dog can be a hero. 
Blue the Rescue Dog with Owner
Blue was adopted two years ago from Detroit Dog Rescue by Janet Kelley, a mother of four. Little did Janet realize, that two years later, Blue would be a hero for her family. During the night, Janet’s family home caught fire, and Blue took off to ensure that Janet’s younger daughter, Chantal, was safe. Blue actually led the firefighters to Chantal, who was still in her playpen, and if it wasn’t for Blue, who knows if the firefighters would have found Chantal before it was too late. (Via Upworthy)

Alexander the Great is known for creating one of the largest empires, but did you know he had a dog? His dog was named Peritas, and according to the Dogington Post, Peritas saved Alexander the Great’s life! Alexander was involved in a battle in India and was severely wounded, and Peritas, loyal to his human, defended him until Alexander’s troops arrived and saved him. Sadly, Peritas was fatally wounded. Alexander paid tribute to Peritas by naming a city in India after him.
A dog was pulled alive from the rubble of a destroyed building in Turkey’s Hatay province weeks after devastating quakes hit the country. 
On February 6, 2023, a massive earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, killing and injuring thousands of people. And for 22 days, a dog named Alex was stuck all the rubble. Rescuers were able to free the Husky, who miraculously survived the 22 days under the two-story building without food or water. Luckily, Alex was in good health, and reunited with his owner.  
Remember not all heroes wear capes--some have four paws and a tail. If your pup becomes a hero, don't forget to reward them with our Chicken Chips!
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