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🌺🐶 Spring Gift Guide For Dogs

It is important to determine the organic antler chew that is best suited for your dog. Deer Antler Chews are our hardest/largest chews for large and very aggressive and experienced chewers. Whole Reindeer Antler Chews are also meant for aggressive chewers but are available in more sizes. Split Reindeer Antler Chews are still tough, but the exposed marrow require less aggressive chewing.

Farm to Pet Elk Antler Chews are best for beginner chewers. Whole Elk Antlers still require aggressive chewing to reach the marrow, but the antlers are a tad softer than deer and reindeer. Split Elk Antlers are the best for less aggressive chewers or those introducing chews to their dogs.

Remember to supervise your dog when giving them antler chews, especially if they are aggressive chewers. Regularly inspect the antlers for signs of wear or splintering, and always choose appropriately sized chews for your dog's breed and chewing habits to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Discard the chew before it reaches a size that can become a chewing hazard. Consult your vet with any safety or health concerns.