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Happy New Year FUR-family! For us, this year has been full of firsts. Our first product launch, learning how to do social media, a new website launch, plenty of giveaways, in person events, and “meeting” all of our new FURiends. Check out part 1 of our suggestions for some New Year resolutions for you and your pet. Hopefully they will take you out of your comfort zone and get you to try some firsts in 2022!

Kansas City Corgis

I know, I know, so cliche. Let’s be honest, after spending more and more time at home the past few years, many of us have not been exercising as much as we would like. How much exercise do you need daily? How much exercise does your dog need daily? There are many suggestions on the interweb. For you.   For your pup. We suggest finding what works best for both of you, together! It’s always easier to be accountable when you have someone or somepup to keep you exercising! Get out there…walk, run, jog, do doggie yoga!

Healthier Diet
Eating better in 2022. Yup, another “typical” resolution. Your pup is craving healthy treats. It’s not an oxymoron. Farm to Pet provides the best (yes, we are biased) Chicken Chips and Turkey Chips. These are single-ingredient, healthy, protein-packed dog treats that your dog is already drooling over.  A hooman’s healthy diet is up for interpretation. You do YOU! Less sugar, counting calories, or cutting out one thing (sodas). Whatever you choose, consider a nutrition coach to help reach your specific health goals.  

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Oral Hygiene
Is your dog’s breath supposed to stink? No pup enjoys halitosis. Dental hygiene is just as important for your pup as it is for you. The ADA and report that 100 million hoomans fail to see a dentist yearly in America. In the new year, put your doggie’s dental health in focus. Here are 10 tips for better dental health in dogs. So, get those chompers checked regularly.

Don’t get a Gecko
Get Geico, or any insurance. Feel safe and secure by ensuring that you and your family are covered. Insurance does not end with health and home. Other areas that you can insure your life are vehicle, renters, jewelry (get that bling on your insurance!), and pets. Yes, pet insurance! Check with your current insurance agent. Or here are some great options! Love your pet even more by getting them covered from accidents, illness, and even routine care. 

Bailey SoCal Dog Influencer

Manage Your Manes
Pamper yourself and your pup! Go get a blowout, mani, pedi, or new hairdo. Let’s put our dogs’ manes on the calendar too. Our friends at Dogtopia describe 5 benefits of professional dog grooming. Heads will turn when you walk down Main Street together with your new looks!

STAY TUNED! Resolutions Part 2 Coming Next Week!

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