It’s a NEW year FURfamily! We hope you truly enjoyed the holiday season. We can’t wait to share with you what we have in store for 2022. Let’s continue our suggestions for some New Year resolutions for you and your pet. Hopefully they will take you out of your comfort zone and get you to try some firsts in the next 366 days!

Farm to Pet Millie Belle The GSD

Learn New Tricks
Have you ever wanted to learn something new or take up a hobby? There are so many options and thanks to the pandemic, you can now take many of these classes online. Pottery, cooking, photography, glass blowing, and painting classes are just a few examples. While you’re enjoying the newfound hobby, sign up your pup for obedience classes. The American Kennel Club has great pointers on puppy training at home or at classes. Who doesn’t want a well-trained housemate? On an unrelated topic, if anyone knows of obedience classes for husbands and children, email me. Joking! (Kind of.)


Farm to Pet Samoyed

Daily Documentation
This resolution may take some organization and time management. Documenting daily can mean an array of things: taking pictures, writing in a diary, completing a bullet journal, photo shoots, or monthly/daily calendars. It’s easy to fill your phone up with pictures of your new puppy but remember to continue to do this throughout the year. On NYE, we compile an array of pictures taken throughout the last 12 months and have a slideshow with popcorn. It’s a great way to remember the amazing times you’ve had with your loved ones. At Farm to Pet, we make lists about everything! Daily calendars or just writing down your thoughts is a great way to trigger the brain into accomplishing other goals in work, play, life, and exercise. Good luck and get to documenting!

Bucket List
One of my friends decided to do a bucket list for her 40th year of life. We love this idea! Make a list of things you’ve never done with your pup but would like to do. Travel, adventures, sunset/sunrise, splurge on purchases for the doggo or yourself. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson’s movie. So go on, make a bucket list (no age requirements to do so)! Experience life and take some Chicken Chips along with you.

One Tail at a Time

Let’s make a difference together! We can all work to make this world a better place for ourselves and our furry friends! At Farm to Pet, we take pride in helping out other pups whenever possible. We completed giveaways last year to raise awareness, dog treats, and monetary funds for some of our favorite shelters and pet rescues (OTAT, MSPCA-Angell, Humane Society of TruckeeTahoe, and Road Dogs & Rescue). Check with local libraries, shelters, schools, and colleges to see if your dogs could be helpful with reading to kids, research papers, or even getting shelter dogs accustomed to other dogs. Lastly, but most importantly, please consider being a dog (or cat) foster family. 


Treat you pups next week!

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