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New Pup, Now What?

One of our favorite bloggers, Sydney, has oh-so-graciously agreed to be our guest blogger this week! We are beyond excited to feature her tips on becoming a new pup parent. Please check out her blog, Mad Pup Life, and follow her on Instagram for adorable pics of Mattis and Keela. Now, on to the good stuff!

 So you got a new puppy?!

Congrats! It’s such a fun and exciting time in anyone’s life when you take the plunge into (dog) parenthood.


It can be extremely overwhelming though if you’ve never had a puppy before (that definitely doesn’t include getting one when you were 5 because let’s be honest, did you really take care of them then?) 

So if you are preparing to bring your new furry family member home or you’ve been taking care of them for a few weeks and you’re wondering what in the world you need to do now, you’ve come to the right place.

First, let’s go over some of the must haves.

What You Need For A New Puppy:

Puppies, like babies, need quite a few things to get started. Here are some of my most recommended products to grab before you bring them home.

  • Dog Bed/Crate
  • Blanket
  • Toys (it’s best to grab a few different types to see which ones your dog likes best)
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Dog Food (there are so many types and brands of dog food so be sure to do thorough research beforehand so you can feel confident you are feeding your dog the best)
  • Dog Food Container
  • Dog Bowls
  • Bully Sticks/Chews (no rawhide!)
  • Small Treats
  • Carpet Cleaner (because accidents happen)
  • Training Guide (either tips you read online or a hired professional)
  • Grooming Essentials (brush/comb, shampoo)
  • Poop Bags (if you live in an apartment complex, or like to take your dog on a walk, these are a must!)
  • A Vet (you’ll have to take your new puppy to the vet often, so make sure you find one you love)
  • Flea/Tick/Heartworm Medicine

Of course there are more products you can get to make your life easier or help you dive into the world of #InstaFamousDogs, but I feel like these items are a perfect place to start when bringing home your new puppy.


Dogs are smart, but they’ve gotta learn all those tricks from somewhere right? 

There are so many helpful resources online to get started, and even online dog training classes you can purchase and watch from the comfort of your own home if you are willing to train your dog yourself, but if not I’d recommend taking them to a well-known, highly rated dog trainer in your area.

This trainer can teach your dog basic obedience, commands, and even some more advanced tricks. You’ll have to decide what results you are wanting to achieve to determine how much you want to invest in training. 

It’s also a *great* idea to take your dog out to dog parks, on walks where there are other dogs/people, dog-friendly stores and restaurants, etc. to get them socialized early on. 

I feel like this makes all the difference with your dog’s personality and behavior going forward. Unfortunately for us, Mattis has never truly liked other people or dogs (or any social situation for that matter) even after us taking him out time and time again when he was younger. 

Some dogs don’t do well in that situation, and others thrive in it (like our Golden Keela!) Don’t be upset at your dog if they can’t handle it, just help them cope as best as you can to leave them as stress free as possible.

*PS: Your dog needs to be at least 4-6 months old before visiting areas where other dogs frequent (dog parks, daycare, grooming, etc.) because they aren’t old enough to get certain vaccines and you definitely don’t want them getting sick!

And if you have questions on potty training your new puppy - you’re not alone! It’s definitely one of the harder tasks we had to accomplish when bringing Mattis home, but we made sure to take him out around the clock and tried our best to pick up on his “needing to go” cues.



Now for my personal favorite - finding all the best local dog-friendly spots in your area!

Fortunately for you, the US has become increasingly more dog-friendly over the years. Stores and restaurants are finally starting to understand just how important it is to a lot of people to have the ability to bring their dogs with them wherever they go.

One of the easiest ways to find the local dog-friendly hot spots in your area is to simply search on Instagram. You can use hashtags with your city name such as #CharlotteDogs #CharlotteNC #cltdogs and look through the images to see where the pups are hangin’.

You can also do a google search, or visit a website like and use their search tools to find places and read reviews.

And of course you can go straight to the search - check out the store or restaurants website or give them a call to see if they are dog-friendly. 

It’s also so much fun to take your dogs downtown and walk around outside and see all the smiling faces when they see your happy pup taking a stroll nearby. 

We’ve also frequented both dog parks and normal parks (on leash) and always have a great time doing so. 


Like I mentioned before, it’s such an exciting experience getting to bring home a new puppy to your family. When we first got Mattis, I had never had a puppy before and was learning everything as time went on.

It was definitely a bit of a change at first (Mattis wasn’t a fan of his crate) but things got better, he learned what to do and what not to do rather quickly, and now I couldn’t imagine our lives without him. 

Hopefully these tips help you feel a little more confident when bringing home your new puppy!

Treat you pawsome puppies next week!


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Real Madrid says it has filed a complaint against the referee who took charge of the team’s recent 4-2 La Liga win at Osasuna for “the negligent drafting” of his report about the match following the abuse aimed at star player Vinicius Jr. by supporters.

The Spanish giant said that referee Juan Martinez Munuera “deliberately omitted the insults and humiliating shouts repeatedly directed towards our player … despite being warned insistently by our players at the same time they were occurring.”

In one video aired on Spanish TV and shared on social media, chants of “die Vinicius, die” can clearly be heard in the stadium, leading Real captain Dani Carvajal to turn to the referee and point to his ear in an apparent attempt to make Martinez Munuera aware of the abuse.
Real says it has filed the complaint to the Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

“Additionally, Real Madrid has also filed a complaint with this federative body in relation to the aforementioned insults and humiliating chants, and has forwarded them to the State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in the Sports, so that those fans who uttered them are identified and punished,” the club added.

CNN has reached out to RFEF, La Liga, Spain’s High Council of Sport (CSD) and both the federal prosecutor and local prosecutor in Pamplona, where Osasuna’s El Sadar stadium is based, for comment.

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New resort at protected natural wonder stirs fierce debate on conservation in the Philippines
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Nestled among the lush rolling terrain of the Philippines’ famed Chocolate Hills, the Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort offered travelers scenery that few hotels could compete with.

But now the resort has been temporarily shuttered after public outcry over what one legislator has called a “blatant abuse of our natural resources,” with the national senate debating whether to investigate how it came to be built in the protected beauty spot.

And it has become a lightning rod for anger as the country once again grapples with how to balance a booming tourism industry with safeguarding its ecological wonders.

Near the middle of the central island province, the Chocolate Hills are more than 1,700 conical limestone peaks that stretch as far as the eye can see, the grass-covered karst mounds turning brown in the dry season to resemble pieces of chocolate.

Only one similar hill configuration – in Indonesia’s Java – is known of in the world, according to UNESCO, which has placed the Chocolate Hills on its tentative list for world heritage status.

The hills were declared a protected area by then Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos in 1997, meaning authorities are bound by law “to protect and maintain its natural beauty and to provide restraining mechanisms for inappropriate exploitation.”

But images of the new resort among the hills have stirred anger and ignited debate over whether the Southeast Asian country is doing enough to safeguard the environment.

The backlash began earlier this month when a local travel influencer posted a promotional video on social media for the Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort.

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Things have gone from bad to worse for Adidas. After a costly break-up with US rapper Ye that helped push the German sportswear giant into a rare loss last year, it’s now suffered a bruising defeat on home turf.

The German Football Association (DFB) announced Thursday that the company’s arch rival Nike (NKE) will be the official kit supplier for national soccer teams from 2027 until 2?034. The decision brings to an abrupt end more than seven decades of the sport’s partnership with Adidas that spanned four World Cup wins for the men’s team.

In a statement, DFB President Bernd Neuendorf said German football owed “a great deal” to the partnership with Adidas and that the association was “fully committed” to achieving further joint success through the end of 2026, when their contract expires.
The DFB said Nike had made “by far the best financial offer” and impressed with its vision for developing women’s football, and amateur and grassroots sport in Germany. It did not say how much the new deal was worth.

An Adidas spokesperson said in a statement that “we were informed by the DFB yesterday that the federation will have a new supplier from 2027 onwards.”

Germany will be the host for the Euro 2024 men’s championship, taking place this June and July. Adidas will supply the kits for seven national teams, including the German, Italian and Spanish teams.

In just under three years’ time, however, fans will see Nike’s trademark ticks, not the three stripes of Adidas, on the shirts of Germany’s national teams. German economy minister Robert Habeck reportedly told local news agency DPA Friday that he could “hardly imagine” the prospect.

The partnership between Adidas and German football was a “piece of German identity,” he was reported as saying. “I would have liked a bit more local patriotism.”

Adidas was founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, a small town outside Nuremberg in south-east Germany, the same year it registered its now-iconic three-stripe logo.

DFB’s announcement comes at a bad time for Adidas, which last week posted a net loss of €58 million ($63 million) in its core business for 2023, citing a slowdown in sales of its Yeezy-branded clothing and sneakers, and a large tax burden.

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New resort at protected natural wonder stirs fierce debate on conservation in the Philippines
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Nestled among the lush rolling terrain of the Philippines’ famed Chocolate Hills, the Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort offered travelers scenery that few hotels could compete with.

But now the resort has been temporarily shuttered after public outcry over what one legislator has called a “blatant abuse of our natural resources,” with the national senate debating whether to investigate how it came to be built in the protected beauty spot.

And it has become a lightning rod for anger as the country once again grapples with how to balance a booming tourism industry with safeguarding its ecological wonders.

Near the middle of the central island province, the Chocolate Hills are more than 1,700 conical limestone peaks that stretch as far as the eye can see, the grass-covered karst mounds turning brown in the dry season to resemble pieces of chocolate.

Only one similar hill configuration – in Indonesia’s Java – is known of in the world, according to UNESCO, which has placed the Chocolate Hills on its tentative list for world heritage status.

The hills were declared a protected area by then Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos in 1997, meaning authorities are bound by law “to protect and maintain its natural beauty and to provide restraining mechanisms for inappropriate exploitation.”

But images of the new resort among the hills have stirred anger and ignited debate over whether the Southeast Asian country is doing enough to safeguard the environment.

The backlash began earlier this month when a local travel influencer posted a promotional video on social media for the Captain’s Peak Garden and Resort.

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Повод для заведения дела был более чем убедительный — по мнению силовиков, участники кооператива похищали деньги у граждан под предлогом инвестирования. Но так ли это на самом деле?

Начнём с того, что дело было заведено на основании заявлений граждан, которые давно не являются пайщиками кооператива. При этом многие из потерпевших имеют отношение к деятельности зарегистрированного в Ухте ЖК “Вера”.
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Интересно, что к жилищному кооперативу “Вера”, устав которого был полностью скопирован у “Бест Вэя”, у ЦБ претензий нет.

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Что касается дела “Бест Вея”, то, со слов Коршунова, возбуждено оно было с подачи контрольной палаты после того, как к ним обратились граждане, пострадавшие от инвестиционной компании “Гермес” и компании “Лайф-из-Гуд”, аффилированных с “Бест Вей”. Но именно силовики за компанию приписали к делу кооператив “Бест Вей”, который просто попал случайно под раздачу.
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Отдельно стоит упомянуть и то, как “грязно” работают следователи, стремясь увеличить количество потерпевших, они почти на год заблокировали счета кооператива, провели обыски у рядовых пайщиков. Цель их очевидна — заставить людей перейти на сторону следствия.

Попытка уничтожения кооператива — явно результат усилий ряда заинтересованных лиц.

ЦБ заинтересован в том, чтобы контролировать потребительские кооперативы и держать их подальше от коммерческих банков.
Иван Коршунов и другие лица, ранее причастные к компании “Лайф-из-Гуд”, “Гермесу” и кооперативу “Бест Вей”, заинтересованы убрать конкурентов.
Силовики всего лишь хотят выслужиться, чтобы получить очередную награду.
Но от подобных разборок страдают обычные люди — пайщики, которые лишены возможности пользоваться своими деньгами. Несёт убытки и государство, которое не получает налоги, остались без работы и сотрудники кооператива.

Правосудие должно состояться, важно дать кооперативу возможность работать в рамках закона, дабы защитить интересы тысяч пайщиков.

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Online dating is a fantastic thing when you find a website or app that really works for you. With estimates as high as 8,000 dating sites available worldwide, however, it can be hard to discern which dating websites are complete wastes of time. In preparing for this review, I saw a very familiar template and knew exactly what I was looking at. Here’s a sneak peek:

We like to do a lot of dating site reviews here at Beyond Ages to eliminate fake sites and time wasters. Since your online dating experience can only be as good as the website you use, it’s an important factor. By pointing you in the right direction with a detailed review, you can spend more time on actual dates. That’s how it’s meant to work, right?

You need to be using at least one or two of the top dating apps right now if you want to get any real results. So many people exclusively look online now, thanks social distancing, that you can’t avoid it even if you want to. Fortunately there are a few great options out there for most people, you just need to do your research first.

How we reviewed
A lot of the reviews seem to cover the site based on a cursory glance. Rather than just talking about how the site looks and how I assume it would function, I want to go deeper.
I’ll always set up a free profile, only filling out the mandatory fields at first. What I’m looking for here is to see if I’ll receive a bunch of inbox spam. Fake dating websites will often have a bunch of fake accounts that try to fool you into signing up for their premium service. Since no real user would message a blank profile, a busy inbox straight away means you’re seeing spambots.

No matter how this turns out, I’ll then use the site for a week or two with this free account. I’ll add profile photos and complete my bio like normal. My aim is to set up as many dates as possible as a free user. I’m looking to see if it’s even possible and if so, how the experience compares to some of the more popular sites. After that, I move on to a paid account several weeks after that. I want to see if the premium perks make it any easier for me to set up dates.

All in all, I end up with a far better understanding of what it’s like to actually use the site. This makes for a far more informative review. If I can save just one person from being scammed, all this effort is totally worthwhile.

Every BeyondAges writer follows strict and verifiable guidelines. Unlike other dating sites, our reviews are always up-to-date and sourced by local experts–not rehashes of stuff you can find elsewhere.

Methodology Description
Rigorous Testing Conducting thorough reviews of dating apps and websites through extensive use over weeks/months.
Anecdotal Experience Utilizing the practical experiences of a large team of dating and relationship coaches.
Expertise Leveraging decades of practice in the dating scene to provide up-to-date and impactful advice. We balance subjectivity in an objective framework to give our readers a more wholistic frame of reference for modern dating.
Continuous Learning Exploring new approaches to dating success to ensure advice remains relevant and effective. This includes out-of-the-box thinking to discover new trends and hacks.
Online Focus We place a significant focus on how online dating and virtual communication affect modern dating dynamics. From apps, sites, chat rooms, video calls – we delve deep into the pros and cons.
User Engagement Engaging with readers to comment and share their experiences to build a vibrant community, enhance trust, and ultimately create a better dating experience.
Affiliate Disclaimer:
At, some of our links are affiliate links, meaning we may earn a commission if you click on them and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This does not influence our content; our opinions, reviews, and articles are based on objective analysis and remain unbiased.

Please note that we do not directly sell products; our links lead to third-party websites with their own terms and policies. Your support through these links helps us maintain our site and continue delivering valuable content to our community.

Thank you for trusting and being a part of our journey.

Our Full Review: Fun or None?
No need to hide the conclusion for this site all the way at the bottom. It’s part of a massive network of fake dating websites that seem to point back to If you’re not familiar with this network, I’d suggest reading through the rest of Flirt review anyway. The more you can understand and look out for these fake sites, the safer your credit card will be.

AFF (which you can try for free) is one of the largest hookup sites out there right now and where we’ve seen guys especially get good results, which makes it’s biggest competitor. A great first step to any review is a brief comparison between the best option out there (AFF) and Flirt.

So, below is a quick comparison so you can see how the two stack up.

Our Recommendation
In all honesty, disappoints on almost every front except usability. While the website’s layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate, it serves no real purpose when the only “women” I ended up conversing with turned out to be individuals located who knows where. Overall, my experience left much to be desired.

The initial giveaway was the profiles themselves. Most of the profiles I encountered were nearly empty, containing only basic information. I frequently encountered profiles of women seeking men aged 18-96, which deviates from the norm where most dating apps feature users with more specific criteria for potential matches.

Here is a screenshot of the typical interactions I experienced with users who messaged me. In my experience, nobody initiates a conversation like this. Typically, women would begin with a simple “hi,” “hello,” or a comment about your profile. However, the messages I received from users appeared to be generated by bots. It immediately put me on guard, signaling that I was dealing with a low-quality site primarily focused on coaxing users into subscribing to their premium services.

Questionable message 1

Questionable message 2

When you compare it to the top sites out there now, like AFF, it looks even worse.

I was looking for a hookup, so I used AFF instead. They boast over 60 million (real) users and are specifically targeted at hookups. I can send a handful of messages and expect a few replies even if my messages might be branded as “generic”. It’s infinitely better than giving this dodgy network your hard-earned money.

If AFF doesn’t do it for you, we recently reviewed all of the top dating apps and websites out there. Have a look through that list and see what appeals to you most.

How Did I Recognize That This Site Was Suspicious?
After spending extensive time writing detailed dating site reviews, I’ve become acquainted with larger networks in the industry. In the case of TopOffers, a significant portion of their websites seems to share the same template and tactics. I’ve examined and reviewed these sites, and I could quickly discern that was just another site in their lineup of subpar dating platforms. Take a look at the five other sites within their network, and you’ll notice the striking similarity. As evident, closely resembles them as well.

Site design similar to other sites
Site design similar to other sites

Other sites with a similar design

They seem to register a collection of cringe domain names like “” then duplicate the site over and over. About the only thing that really changes is the color scheme, honestly. So, the moment I logged into with my free account I knew exactly what to expect and I wasn’t surprised.

hey seem to register an array of cringe-worthy domain names like “” and replicate the same site repeatedly. The primary difference typically lies in the color scheme. Consequently, the moment I logged into my free account, I immediately recognized what to expect, and I was far from surprised.

What Is This “Top Offers” You Keep Mentioning? As I delved deeper into writing more dating site reviews, I began noticing recurring names in the footer. The more closely I examined, the more connections I unearthed. It turns out this network comprises a whopping 218 fake dating websites! Most of these fall under one of six shell companies:

Bulova Invest Ltd
Together Networks Holdings Limited
Nelfor Services Limited
Timespace Holdings Limited
Kingsrock Holdings Ltd
Northlock Holdings Ltd
If you ever encounter any of these names in a dating website’s footer, it’s time to cancel your account. In my years of scrutinizing dating sites, I knew that any site affiliated with these companies would adopt the same template, employ the same tactics, and ultimately disappoint users—no meaningful connections, money wasted, and the looming concern that my credit card details might be misused.

What Makes These Sites So Dubious?
A legitimate question indeed and one that deserves an answer. In essence, nothing about the 218 sites within their network is genuine, but they employ tactics to feign authenticity. I would incessantly receive messages from profiles on the site, but they were all either hidden behind a paywall or required payment to reply. These would typically be flirtatious messages from bots aiming to deceive me into subscribing to a premium account. With any site resorting to such tactics, I could never recommend divulging your credit card information.

What makes these sites so bad?
This is a fair question and an important one to answer. In short, nothing about the 218 sites in their network are legitimate, but they use tactics to pretend otherwise. I would constantly receive messages from profiles on the site but they’re all behind a paywall or I had to pay to reply. These will be flirty messages from a bot that tried to trick me into paying for a premium account. With any site that’s going to use tactics like these, I could never suggest handing over your credit card information.

Conversation behind a paywall
Conversation behind a paywall

Moreover, as I discovered in my Flirt review, they will utilize your information to populate their other websites as well. They replicate your profile on other dubious “dating” platforms, making you unwittingly endorse their bots.

It’s essentially a colossal affiliate network—where you are the product. As the saying goes, “If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.”

My Advice: The moment you encounter this template and receive suspicious messages from “users” claiming to be single women interested in meeting up, run. Be vigilant for messages that feel inauthentic. While users on this site may appear overly eager to interact, exercise caution. Chances are, they are merely trying to coax you into subscribing without any assurance of an actual meetup.

Instead of squandering your time on sites like, I recommend opting for a more trustworthy dating platform. If you’re seeking hookups, I suggest using Adult FriendFinder (AFF). In my experience, no other platform surpasses AFF when it comes to facilitating casual encounters. Unlike Tinder, where your profile picture often dictates your entire experience, AFF places a more significant emphasis on genuine sexual chemistry. Furthermore, you have the advantage of filtering users based on your preferences, ensuring you find plenty of singles who align with your desires. Need more details? Check out our full review of Adult FriendFinder to know more about why we always recommend this site!

Between Adult FriendFinder and, the choice is clear, and I wholeheartedly endorse AFF. I believe you should too!

Learn More about Fake Dating Sites with Beyond Ages:
Want to learn more about more fake dating sites like Read our popular guide, The List of Fake Dating Sites You Should Avoid, and learn about some commonly-known and not-so-commonly-known scam sites out there:

Author: Tom Senkus, Dating And Relationship Expert

Excerpt: “Scammer dating sites often use overly attractive profiles to entice users. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

There are a couple of signs to look for when screening overly attractive profiles:

All of their photos look professional and possibly sourced from a modeling agency

None of their photos have local landmarks or locations that match their stated location

Their profile has “salesy” language that seems to be flattering to the reader without any specifics (“I’m looking for an older man that’s looking to settle down…”)

Their profile seems to be generated by AI (artificial intelligence)

Overtly sexual language meant to entice users

Sales funnels like OnlyFans or contacting on alternative messaging platforms (like Snapchat for trading pics)

A large difference between the quality of profiles for legitimate profiles versus ones you suspect to be fake. Not to be negative, but exceptionally model-tier attractive people tend to not use dating apps regularly (or they use exclusive luxury dating apps,). If you find too many attractive women on a relatively new app, for instance, you can reasonably assume that the developers are “padding” the available matches.”

Expert Publications on Online Dating Site Scams
The rabbit hole goes deep when it comes to online dating scams and the behavior of vast criminal networks around the world. If you’re curious to learn more about avoiding scams, there are plenty of academic studies where you can learn about which scams are more prevalent, how sites are attempting to prevent illegal/manipulative behavior, and more:

Ignatius Hua Nyam – Lecturer, Department of Liberal Studies/Directorate of Policing Training Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil-Kano State- Nigeria

“There are several reasons behind the propagation of online scams. An individual’s greed of sharing the wealth with a specificwealthy online partner is one of the reasons. Poverty also drives desperate individuals into cybercrime that involves romance scams. Some victims are affected because they did not know any better. While their desire to have emotional attachment trap others.

Chenyang Wang

“In an era of widespread mass marketing scams on the Internet, many victims have reported varying degrees of financial loss and psychological damage after encountering lottery scams and advance payment scams. Among them, the emotional damage to victims of online dating scams may be even more severe because the whole scam process involves mental attachment, sexual abuse, and relationship breakdown. There is little help and support for victims throughout the scam process and even after the scam is over, which not only makes it difficult for victims to get timely and professional assistance after experiencing online scams, but victims even run the risk of being scammed by criminals again afterward, so timely help and professional psychological treatment for victims is of positive significance. In previous studies, there are fewer reports summarizing and analyzing the psychological conditions of victims.”

Fangzhou Wang, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Texas at Arlington

“Our observations indicate that scammers not only diversify their approaches to prompt more responses, such as appealing to their romantic relationships, asking for identifying information and requesting victims switch to private chat platforms, but they also use several techniques for getting victims to overcome their misgivings about sending the scammers more money. For example, scammers subtly persuade victims to see themselves as holding more power in the interaction than they do.”

What’s your experience been like using Flirt? Comment below and share your experience with the BeyondAges community.
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