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Toppers, Snack Packs, and Antlers...OH MY! We've had a HUGE product launch over the last few weeks! We will be sharing with you all of the information about our new products for easy access. Be sure to check out the 411 of each product for a little behind-the-scenes.

Your dog won’t remember bones once they get their mouths on one of our all-natural antler chews. They’re healthy, safe, and non-splintering. Best of all, dogs absolutely love them. Don’t worry about the elk, either! Antler chews are gathered without any harm to these gorgeous creatures. 100% ethically sourced elk antler from Wisconsin and Wyoming.
The best size of elk antler chew depends on how big your pup is. Follow our guidelines below to choose your dog’s best antler chew!

Whole/Split Small

1-15 LBS

Whole/Split Medium

15-35 LBS

Whole/Split Large

35+ LBS 

Whole Giant

35+ LBS 

There’s no wrong choice between a split or whole antler. Your dog is chewing to reach the tasty marrow inside the antler, meaning that a split antler takes a lot less work than the whole thing. If your pup is more of a slobberer than a chomper, you might opt for a split antler where the chewing is easy. But if your dog is a power chewer who goes through bones like they’re stuffed animals, the whole antler provides a tough, longer lasting chew that your dog will go crazy for.
Did you know that antlers naturally “shed” their antlers every year like a winter coat? Come spring, elk lose their old antlers and begin to grow new ones, leaving the discards on the ground where they can be gathered like a summer blackberry. Yep, that means no elk are hurt in the pursuit of chew toys, leaving the beautiful creatures to roam free and grow an even bigger set of antlers (that they’ll shed next year!)
THE 411
We buy our antlers from a small, family-owned business in Illinois. Deer also shed their antlers once a year, would you ever want to see us carry them?

The same 100% human grade, cage-free, dehydrated chicken and turkey that dogs love, now in powder form!  Sprinkle it on top of kibble to make mealtime extra fun for even the pickiest of pups.
Just sprinkle or shake two tablespoons of topper per every cup of food. That's it!
Packed with protein but low in fat, the Chicken and Turkey Treat Toppers are a super healthy add-on to your dog’s regular kibble. The single, high-quality ingredient makes it easier on the digestive system than typical treats. 
At our facilities, we make sure that each bag of Farm to Pet treats ships out and arrives fully intact, without a single broken chip. Of course, sometimes chips do break. But instead of throwing away perfectly good products, we repurpose any imperfect-looking treats into the Toppers so they can make their way to where they belong: your dog’s tummy!

If you’ve got a finicky dog with particular taste or you’re working on transitioning from one dog food to another, the Chicken and Turkey Toppers can transform even the pickiest pup into a big eater! It’s like every dog’s favorite seasoning; just sprinkle a little Topper on whatever your dog won’t eat and watch it become their favorite food.
THE 411
We love the idea of these jars being refillable. Future plans will include this in mind. Our Chicago facility is very conscious about waste and stumbled on this product after having "played around" with cracked or crushed chips. 

A bite size, six-piece bag of the same bestseller treat as our Turkey and Chicken Chips. It’s proof that good things really do come in small packages.
THE 411
Farm to Pet originally made two-piece sample packs for customers, wholesalers, events, and promotions. These were not available for purchase, but everypup (& human) wanted them. So, we came up with the Snack Packs especially for Barkday Pawties, Dog Parks, Holiday Events, and Stocking Stuffers. 
SURPRISE! We have even MORE new packaging arriving SOON! (Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for the announcement!)

Have you seen or ordered anything yet? Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our products. We love supporting our customers. Email our wonderful Customer Support Manager, Jed, at!

Treat you Craving Canines next week!

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