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I, Robert Vetter, first met the Farm to Pet team at a local vendor fair hosted at the dog daycare I work at - Play! At Barks n’ Rec. It was called Barktoberfest, given that it was in the fall and many of the merchants there were selling dog treats made from spent grains as a byproduct of making ale. One of the things I love about the treats made by these local companies is that they are not only great for dogs, but they’re safe for humans too. Why shouldn’t they be? They’re made with enough ingredients to count on one hand, all of which are sourced safely and ethically. When I wasn’t talking to customers about our business I was meeting with the local vendors and eating their dog treats under the guise of “networking.”
Simply Stout Pup Picture
I was intrigued by the Farm to Pet Chicken Chips from the moment I saw them. Their color and shape gave the illusion of a bunch of little yellow pog discs sitting in a bowl for dogs and me to sample from. They were thin, but tough. They didn’t have much of a taste, but with a sprinkle of seasoning salt, they would be a perfect, protein filled snack. I didn’t realize how many I was eating until my boss pulled me away from their stand to inform me that we had more customers to greet and to save some of the Chicken Chips for the dogs they were intended for.
Barks n' Rec Farm to Pet Treats
I returned when my boss was in the bathroom, and it was a good thing I did because I was offered a sample of the new flavor of Turkey Chips. They hadn’t yet been put into mass production, and they wouldn’t be for a while, so I wasn’t taking the fact that I was getting access to a new secret treat lightly.
Turkey is the perfect meat for this type of jerky treat. Because dog treats can’t be salted and seasoning like we would human food, it’s crucial that the meat carry a flavor of its own to linger after it’s dehydrated. Turkey’s natural gamey taste is still present in these chips, but it’s mild enough to make me want another one. Where other chip snacks have such a strong sodium flavor that becomes overpowering after too many, these carry a pleasant flavor that feels like eating a Thanksgiving turkey, just lighter on the density and the tryptophan.
The texture is similar to a potato chip: crispy, but with just enough toughness to remind me that I’m eating a treat meant for dogs. I don’t mind though. If anything, it acts as a built-in form of portion control. I have to stop eating at a point to give my jaw a rest. It’s a trait that should be incorporated into human snacks. I don’t feel this refreshing lack of bloat after getting elbow deep in a bag of Cheetos.
Simply Stout Pup Picture
The Farm to Pet Turkey Chips have been brought into our store in East Lakeview after my months of waiting. And though it’s been a while since I first got a chance to try the early version, they’re just as delicious as I remember.
Come buy a bag while they’re in stock.
Farm to Pet Turkey Chips can be purchased at Barks N’ Rec, located at 3030 N. Lincoln Avenue or online at
(Photo Credit: Our Amazing FURiends at Simply Stout
Check them out on Instagram!)
Treat you Pretty Pups next week!


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Robert and Barks N’ Rec are and continue to be wonderful supporters of our little startup. Thank you!!!

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