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Hearing the crunching of leaves beneath your feet, seeing the colors change on the trees, and the crisp fresh air in the Fall are some benefits of taking your dog on a stroll during Autumn. There are many reasons you might hire a dog walker; providing a healthier life for your pup is top of the list. There are amazing benefits for your canine, as well as for you. This is according to Wild Things Pet Services. But, really how important are dog walkers?

Here are the top five reasons why dog walkers are beneficial to our pets:
1. Health - Our doggos just happen to be our counterparts. Just like us, they also need to have regular and consistent exercise to be healthy, happy, and to live a long life. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, they estimated that 54% of dogs and cats in the US are obese. Therefore, this should be an eye opener that we need to ensure our dogs are more active and us hoomans to have at least 20-minute walks per day. Due to our busy work, life, and extra-curricular schedules, we can hire a dog walker to help give our dogs the activities they need. Farm to Pet provides the healthiest treats to pair nicely with active, health-conscious dogs.

2. Socialization and Stimulation - Walking is not only giving our doggos an exercise but we also awaken their senses. We are letting them explore, smell, hear, and touch other things that they cannot have when at home. Dog parks or parks near children playing allows them to associate and become familiar with the sights and sounds around their neighborhood. You can find a dog walker in your area by using
3. Behavior - Regular walking helps our doggos release their extra energy that will result in a calmer behavior when at home. Studies show that they tend to be less inclined to bark, chew, and bite with regular exercise. Utilize games, different weather, and new routes when going for a walk with your pup. Dog Barn has great suggestions to help your dog's behavior during exercise. Remember to reward positive behavior with the yummiest treatos -- Chicken and Turkey Chips!

4. Peace of Mind - Hiring a dog walker can give hoomans peace of mind because we know that our doggos are in good hands. We have assurance that they will take good care of them even if we are not monitoring them that much due to work or having an emergency. We can feel confident that even though we are busy, we are giving our doggos the best life.
5. Time - In this modern world, we need to value time and we need to prioritize what is best for our lives. Sometimes, we tend to forget that we have doggos that need our time. We can worry less when we hire a dog walker, we can be at ease that while we are away, and we know they are getting the care they need. It is a win-win situation!

Treat you Walking Wonders next week!

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