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If you are like me, you love spoiling your animals, and Easter is the perfect excuse to do that! With the holiday coming up this weekend, now is the perfect time to plan out an Easter basket for your beloved pup. Here are some ideas, curated to your pup's style:

For the Outdoor Dog

  1. With warmer weather approaching, I know lots of dogs are eager to get back out and play. Frisbees are a great way to keep your dog active! 
  2. Want to be active with your dog? Going on walks is a great way to get some exercise while bonding with your pal. Include a new leash in their basket! Six Point Pet has some great options that you can see here.
  3. While walking and playing in the sun, a bandana can help protect your dogs from getting sunburn. Order one today for your puppy Easter basket.
  4. My dog tends to get pretty stinky after running around outside, so some deodorizing spray would make the perfect addition to your outdoor dog’s basket. This article walks you through the best options.
  5. Lastly, a dog brush is always a good idea to add to your active dog’s Easter basket. The rainy weather during this time of year leaves my dog’s belly especially matted, and this brush works great for detangling it! 


For the Netflix and Chill Dog

  1. I am a fan of watching Netflix and eating chips, and I think my dog should be able to as well! Single-ingredient treats are a must for your dog’s Easter basket!
  2. A new blanket or dog bed would also be a good addition to your pup’s basket, especially for those who like to stay in. You can find a ton of options here.
  3. When the weather isn’t good enough to go out and play, dogs love to cuddle up with a good chew toy. There are lots to choose from at this website.
  4. I take lots of snack breaks when staying at home, and my dog does too. A new food bowl would go perfectly in your dog’s Easter basket! There are many cute and customizable ones on Etsy.
  5. Lastly, if you want to pamper your chill dog, a pet massager needs to be in their Easter basket. This one is a fan favorite.


For the Glam Dog

  1. What is more glam than pet nail polish? Read here for some great options to include in your pet’s Easter basket.
  2. Chicago Dog Co offers lots of accessory options for your boujee pup. Check their site for bows, collars, and more!
  3. What else could a glam dog need besides new bows and nail polish? A new outfit, of course! You can find dresses and more at Glamour Mutt’s website.
  4. A dog that looks good on the outside needs to feel good on the inside, too. Splurge during the shopping trip and get a Poultry Pack with high quality, single-ingredient treats for the most glamorous of dogs.  


For the Chicago Dog

  1. A Chicago hot dog toy for the Chicago dog is a must. You can find one here.
  2. Another great toy idea for your Chicago dog is this Chicago Cubs baseball bat. How cute and Go Cubs Go!
  3. If you and your pup like supporting local businesses, Hoppy Biscuits, The Raw Butcher, and Ox and Oona all offer yummy and delicious dog treats
  4. Another Chicago-based business that your dog would love is Simply Stout! You can include lots of swag from them in your dog’s Easter basket. 
  5. It is never too early to start preparing for the football season, so feel free to include this pet Bears jersey in their Easter basket! 

Treat you Hoppy Hounds next week!

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