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During the Harvest season, we hoomans are conscious of our health and safety. It is very important to also remember that our pets are outside more, following farmers around daily, and chasing farm machinery. Let's take some time to discuss basic first aid, CPR, and safety for our dogs. explains how to be more alert and aware of your dogs during outdoor time. They also focus on mosquito bites, drinking random water, and being around farm animal manure. "Your farm dog might be part of the working staff or just a loving family companion. Either way, the dog is up against a different set of health hazards than his urban cousins. It’s up to you to understand what those potential health risks are and do your best to prevent them."
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First Aid for animals and dogs specifically can be administered with common knowledge of bruises, bug bites, minor cuts and scrapes, bee stings, minor bleeding, dog bites, and sprains. We brushed up on how to care for our puppers from the American Kennel Club. A fair warning they do discuss is as follows:
"Never give human medication to a dog without first being advised by a veterinarian. Human pain or anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen is toxic to pets and giving them could cause greater problems and even lead to death."
Farm to Pet Treats
Farm to Pet has the healthiest treat options for you dog. Single ingredient, human grade, and delicious are just three main reasons to choose Chicken or Turkey Chips. Dogs crave protein. Protein in a dog's diet helps maintain a healthier coat, skin, teeth, and nails. A health-conscious diet ensures that a dog is healthy and can recover quicker if they are ever injured or ill. 
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After some research on The Google Machine, we have found a great website to help you get first aid and CPR trained to assist your dogs whenever they may be in need. says "Our dog-specific CPR and First Aid training will give you “bow wow know-how.” This training could help you save your dog’s life, minimize trauma and/or reduce your dog’s recovery time after an injury or illness." Lastly, the Red Cross also has online training as well as a mobile app with available trainings for hoomans. Have a great rest of your Harvest season, stay safe, and enjoy these last Barktober days of fall. 
Treat you Safe Shorkies next week.

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