With February right around the corner (literally, it's tomorrow FURiends!), we have compiled a list of 14 Ways to Love Your Pup this coming month. Love can be shown in many different ways especially for our canine family members. Dogs love any time spent with their best friend and human. Let us know your ideas for showing some puppy love on our social media

Farm to Pet
1.  Delicious Surprise
Whether it is the first time trying our treats or you're a Farm to Pet veteran, your dog will only love you more with a yummy surprise.  Farm to Pet Chicken Chips are a great way to give your pet a tasty treat this holiday while also keeping them healthy. Single ingredient treats are a must have during the long winter months when walks and outdoor time is limited. 
2.  Cuddle Buds
Do you ever imagine what your pupper does all day while you're away at work? We believe they are counting down the seconds until you come home. Our pets love us more than we know and truly just want to spend time with us. Light the fireplace, grab a good book or turn on a game, and cuddle up for some quality bonding time. 
3.  Date Night
Arrange a playdate for your dog and their BFF (best fur friend). The energy and fun dogs have together at the park, on a walk, or at a friend's home while you're running to the grocery store is a great way to get out those zoomies. 
4.  Dog Massage
Yes, this might sound silly. Yes, it can be very affective when done correctly. The American Kennel Club explains in detail how to correctly massage your pup. Massage can assist pre or post exercise as well as if your dog has anxiety or arthritis. 
Farm to Pet Treats
5.  Sprinkle the Love
Have you tried our Treat Toppers? The single ingredient treat can be a healthy addition to any kibble (on top or bottom - switch it up each meal!). Toppers are great for picky dogs, older dogs that have trouble eating, or just as a sweet treat on holidays. We absolutely love adding Toppers to every meal. A boost of protein that's delicious, could you ask for more?
6. Bubbles for All
Bath time for your pup. Make it more fun and easier clean up by finding a dog wash near your home and don't forget their favorite Farm to Pet treats to keep them entertained and happy. A bath can also wear your winter pupper out for the night!
7.  Go for a Ride
Like previously stated, your canine best friend loves spending time with you. Letting them hop in the car for a ride to the store or visiting a friend or relative is a cheap and easy reward. Farm dogs love riding along in the truck or tractor, too. Let them hang their heads and tongues out the window for the full experience. 
8.  Newest Obsession
Elk Antlers are healthy chews and great alternatives to dog bones.  Best of all, dogs absolutely love them. Don’t worry about the elk, either! Antler chews are gathered without any harm to the these gorgeous creatures. These NEW Farm to Pet Chews keep your pup entertained for hours while also being delicious. Split Antlers have easier access to the tasty bone marrow while Whole Antlers are pawfect for chewers.
9.  Parks and Pups
Do you have a local dog park you've been meaning to visit? Does your city have parks with walking trails? Park visits with your pup are perfect for training with your favorite training treats. Getting accustomed to be around children, balls, and crowds is hard for some dogs, but regular park visits can help. 
Farm to Pet Chips
10.  Ear Rub
Ok, ok, here us out. We thought this sounded a little silly too. But our FURiends at KristenLevine.com explains it better than we could.
"Instead of patting your pup on the top of their head, try giving them a gentle rub behind the ears. Watch their reaction — they will most likely melt into a ball of doggy happiness.  This is because rubbing a dog’s ears actually stimulates the release of endorphins — hormones that relieve pain and bring on feelings of pleasure."
11.  Fetch with Fido

Conveniently shaped like a Chicken Chip, our fido friendly flyers are the perfect gift for your pup.  Our dog frisbees are impact resistant and a great toy to bring to the park, hikes, or anywhere! Your pups will surely love to chase and fetch.
12.  Words from the Wise
Talking to your dog holds many benefits for humans and pets alike. The New York Times Magazine has an amazing article about "How to Talk to Dogs." A few discussion pieces explains using facial expressions, eye contact, emotion, and treats.
13.  Spread the Love
Giving cute Valentine's to friends, classmates, neighbors, and teachers was a very fun childhood memory. Farm to Pet wants you to spread the love this season by sending your furry friends Chicken or Turkey Snack Packs. During checkout, make sure to leave a cute blurb in the notes section and send someone you love a treat this Valentine's Day (or before -- we ship within 24 hours!). 
14.  Sweet Swag
Some dogs love getting dressed up just like humans. Farm to Pet has a cute 100% Chicken Chip over the collar bandana for your pup. We also love a little festive holiday swag. Check out our local Chicago FURiends at Chicago Dog Company and their beautiful handmade puppy swag.

Treat you Loving Labs next week.

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