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We humans show our dogs endless love in a variety of ways (see: last week’s blog!): getting out of bed early in the morning to let them outside, planning our schedules around their feeding times, giving them the best food and treats, and so much more. While our love for our furry friends may be obvious, lots of people have questioned whether dogs can truly “love” us back. Thankfully, studies have shown that yes, they can! Here are 10 ways dogs show love:
Wagging their tail 
Dogs use their tails to portray a lot of emotions including happiness and excitement. A wagging tail when your dog sees you is a great sign that they have missed you and are happy you’re back home! Bonus points if they wiggle their butt, too.
Following you around
Dogs will follow their owners around as a way to feel safe and secure, and also for enjoyment. This is especially true for puppies! Read more about the reasons your dog might follow you around here.
Wanting to play or roughhouse
Roughhousing with your dog is a great way to bond because it is your dog’s way of showing affection. It is important, though, to make sure your dog doesn’t play too aggressively. We recommend this video to help recognize your dog’s behavior when playing. 
Wanting to sleep with or near you
Wanting to sleep curled up with their pack can be traced back to your dog’s roots as wolves. Choosing to do so with you shows that your dog sees you as family and feels safe/bonded to you!
Sharing their toys with you
Dogs can show affection by wanting to share their favorite toys with you, similarly to how they might bring you “surprises” they have caught outside. This is their way of trying to share with you and provide for you! You can reward them for this behavior with a Chicken Chip
Licking your face
Licks are considered “dog kisses” for a reason! Licking your face is an instinct for dogs since it is how they would get attention from their mom as puppies. Even as they get older, this instinct remains as a way to show affection.
Stealing your clothes
While this display of affection can be an annoying one, it is sweet to think that your dog loves you so much that they will steal your stinky socks just to have your scent. My family went on vacation one time and came back to a living room full of dirty laundry! 
Leaning against you 
Dogs will lean on you- literally- as a way to get your attention. Usually, they are looking for some love in return! You can reciprocate the love with some snuggles and belly rubs. 
Making eye contact 
Just like humans, dogs will not make eye contact with someone if they are scared or intimidated. With the people they love, though, dogs will often hold prolonged eye contact as a way to bond and show their attachment to you. 
Jumping on you
Most people consider jumping to be a bad habit for dogs, especially larger breeds. And while it is perfectly fine to teach them not to do so, jumping on you is a normal reaction for dogs when they are overwhelmed with excitement. My dog gets particularly bouncy when I’ve been gone for long periods of time!
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